Top 4 Teas for Singers and Musicians: Teas that Protect & Energize Your Throat

Top 4 Teas for Singers and Musicians: Teas that Protect & Energize Your Throat

One of my good friends, Nick Wallaki, who is a singer and musician, asked me what tea is recommended for singers. What a great question! Obviously, a singer’s greatest asset is his or her voice, which means that protecting and caring for their throat is of utmost concern.

Nick is already a big fan of Wild Tea Qi, drinking our energizing teas before his shows. However, in our most recent conversation, we were more concerned with health, and below I’ve answered not only for his throat health but also for his energy as a singer.

Top 4 Teas for Singers and Protecting Your Throat

1. Wild White Moss

Wild White Moss, which is especially for your throat. It is used by the local people in Yunnan as an herb for sore throats. It contains no caffeine and is a gentle tea. It leaves your throat feeling cool and soothed. Wild White Moss is an amazing wild tea that grows on a massive mountain at the foothills of the Himalayas so it has a very special energy. In addition to helping soothe a sore throat it also has powerful detoxifying properties. It is a cooling herb so will cool down a raspy, hot feeling in the throat.

2. Wild Licorice

Wild Licorice will also help soothe your throat. Our Wild Licorice will leave a smooth coati on your throat as your drink. It is anti-inflammatory, helps improve digestion and will soothe an upset stomach. You can also pair the Wild Licorice with other types of teas such as Silver Needle or White Peony.

3. Bulang Ancient Tea Tree Puer

For peppy energy and Qi for your shows I recommend Bulang Ancient Tea Tree Puer tea. This tea is loaded with incredible energy as it is from ancient tea trees on Jingmai Mountain from my friend and tea artisan Shai Bao. This tea will keep you pumping throughout your show.

4. Ancient Phoenix Fermented Pu’er

After you finish you might want to come down back to earth and relax a little. For grounding and relaxing try the Phoenix Break-away bars.

To take your tea with you to shows try this tea bottle. The tea bottle is made of solid double walled glass so you won’t burn your hands when you touch it. It should keep your tea nice and hot for a while and even includes a strainer that fits in so you don’t suck down the tea leaves or herbs. On top of that it looks damn cool.

If you want to listen to Nick’s awesome sounds check out his free music here.

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