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Ancient Single Tree Phoenix Oolong

When it comes to transplanting trees, if man act against their resistance to the cold and hot weather, not a single tree will remain unwithered. Hence, when mandarin orange trees are planted in the north of the Yangtze River, they will become trifoliate orange; for, their inherent nature cannot be altered, and their natural habitats cannot be changed.

Therefore, as human beings should return to a quiet lifestyle; and a man having a thorough understanding of the myriad things will pursue non-interference. By tranquility cultivating the mind and indifferently treating the spirit, humans can enter the door of heaven.”

We chose Ancient Single Tree Phoenix Oolong Tea for you, just because it has been followed straight the principle of it been grown by following it inherent nature, over 3000 years of history, the tea master who made this tea always lock themselves into pure non-interference condition, only focusing on pure handmade this Ancient Phoenix Oolong tea is not just a simple tea processing, but became to their faith of the door enter the heaven.

It is said that in the late Southern Song Dynasty when Emperor Song went south to Chaozhou and passed Wudong Mountain located in big Pheonix Mountain, the attendants picked a kind of tea looks like a bird's mouth. After drinking, the thirst quenched. For this reason, it is widely planted and is called "Song Seed". Up to now, this location still has more than 3,000 single ancient tea trees of more than hundreds of years old. This area is surrounded by green mountains, although the neighboring famous Wuding mountain becomes a bit yellow over the years. As a tea mountain, it’s not nice to be famous. However, on our mountain, the soil is fertile and deep, the climate is warm, and the rainfall abundant. Our tea trees grow in mountainous areas with an average altitude of more than 1,100 meters. Although tea grown middle on the mountain or down the mountain is cheaper and sometimes more fragrant, they lack inner quality and not in tune with their environment. Hence, we won’t offer you these teas.

Ancient Phoenix Oolong tea is produced in northern Guangdong. The finished product is commonly known as it looks like "catfish skin". It is yellow-brown, oily and shiny, and has a long-lasting aroma after brewing. It has a natural floral scent, has a refreshing and sweet taste, is resistant to brewing, and is smoky Clear, like golden soup, the infused tea leaves are thick and soft.

Our Ancient Single Tree Phoenix Oolong is one type of Dancong Oolong from single tea trees harvested just once per year and pure hand processed. Some of these tea trees are hundreds of years old. When you buy a Dancong Oolong tea, it is important to know if the tea is from a high mountain, middle mountain, or low mountain. Verifying the age of the tea tree is as equally important. On Wild Tea Qi, we need to confirm if the tea plantation is completely chemical-free and part of a biodiverse environment. This Ancient Single Tree Phoenix Oolong tea farm is located on top of the Fengniao Mountain. The oldest trees are well over hundreds of years old. The altitude is 1200 meters with annual rainfall around 1700mm and an average temperature of 21.6°C, with frost in the winter. The main tree type of the surrounding forest is a pine tree, with some broadleaf trees.

2020 Spring

Our Ancient Single Tree Phoenix Oolong is also called Ya Shi which literally means 'duck poop' Some say it was once planted in "duck poop soil", but actually it was yellow soil with minerals such as chalk. The dark green and long tea leaves can also be regarded as duck's feet.

So, the story goes that many who tried this tea were in awe of the rich unique flavor and wonderful aroma and wanted to learn of the flavor of this magnificent tea. The master was afraid that the tea would be stolen and so called it “duck poop” try to cover how amazing this tea, the master's hope don’t let many people know about this tea because of the name, but things became totally opposite, people just wanted to have it and more and more people know how amazing about this tea! As a result, the name of "duck poop flavor" lived on and is now used all over the Phoenix mountain area.

Grandpa Wen is very few tea masters in the Phoenix area who can create this unique tea with a flowery and slightly buttery taste. Both the flavor and fragrance are very unique that you can’t find in anywhere else, Master Wen also explain to us how important natural tea can taste.

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Fengniao Mountain, Guangdong China

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