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Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

“When a man becomes extremely angry, it will damage the Yin in him; when a man is extremely joyful, it will hurt the Yang in him. When Yin and Yang confront each other, it will lead to muteness; and when a man is in great fear he will become maniacal, a crazy man. If a man remains sad and resentful, he will become ill after a considerable period of time. If a man has numerous likes and dislikes, disaster and trouble will occur subsequently. Hence, bearing no sadness or joy in the heart is the highest state of Tao; understanding common sense and remaining unchangeable is the highest state of tranquility; resisting all kinds of desires and lust is the highest state of emptiness; feeling no likes or dislikes is the highest state of placidity; not mingling which external things is the highest state of purity. Whoever can live up to these five aspects is able to communicate with supernatural beings; whoever can communicate with supernatural beings has cultivated his mind properly”

By following this philosophy, at Wild Tea Qi, our tea masters believe only resisting all kinds of desires and lust is the highest state of emptiness so that you can keep a good tradition and make the highest quality wild lapsang souchong black tea, at the same time keep the good traditional and original wild lapsang souchong black tea processing skills to pass down over 400 years and still continuing giving the purest energy for people.

Wild Tea Qi's Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea grown on the mountain of Da’An with an elevation of 900 to 1200 meters high. The trees grow here in silence, without artificial interruption, freely grow in a biodiverse environment, carefully picked once a year, and purely handmade. Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea is the earliest black tea in the Western world, can be called the ancestor of black tea. Until today, the traditional Lapsang Souchong Black Tea’s processing already has over 400+ years of history.

Lapsang Souchong is often seen as a smokey tea, however in China they hardly ever are. The real high-grade Wild Lapsang Souchong has unique pine aroma with very unique processing that carries the taste is smooth and sweet, as well as full of the aroma of flower and fruit.

Tea master Zhou is an experienced tea master, specialized in natural tea from his biodiverse tea farm just outside of the Wuyishan scenic area. He grows a number of oolong tea varieties, but processes as well the leaves from wild tea trees in the Da’an area for this Wild Lapsang Souchong. The result is this smooth and sweet black tea. He only picks two leaves and one bud by hand, then drying, withering, rolling, and full oxidation. All of these steps are finished manually instead of with machines. The dry tea leaves are dark and bright; The taste is smooth and sweet, as well as full of the aroma of flower and fruit. Master Zhou’s Wild Lapsang Souchong is a world-class level, one of these unique teas you won’t able to find anywhere else.

2020 Spring

This tea has multiple health benefits ranging from anti-cancer, anti-aging, to lowering blood pressure and even can clear bad breath. It is a cooling tea so it is especially great if you have been eating fried foods which are heating for the body. Also, a good summertime tea to cool off from the heat.*

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