Handpicked at over 4,500 feet high in the rich volcanic soils of the Wuyi Mountains, this tea is COFCC Certified Organic. It's a pure wild tea with tender and thick long-shaped smooth brown and green tea leaves, with dark red edges. This is a rare, special Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe), with a unique rock aroma unlike any other. You feel it mellow, smooth, round and somewhat complicated with various tastes blended. You'll be further overwhelmed by its fragrance! Rich, lingering fully around your nose and mouth, a special "rock aroma"!

Wuyi Mountain Farmers Collective This is an incredible farmer’s collective deep in the mountains of Wuyi Shan(Wuyi Mountain). The farmer’s livelihood comes from Wuyi Oolong and Wuyi Black teas. This is a rare village wherein the profits are divided equally amongst the group, which is truly “fair trade.” They are like a big family as their village of less than 50 people has a courtyard in its center and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The houses are all clean and in good condition with organic vegetables growing all around. Their teas are exquisite, and indeed are some of the best we have seen come out of Wuyi Mountain in recent years. Furthermore, the Wuyi Mountain Farmer’s Collective also has some very rare, wild teas that they harvest from a local bamboo forest, in addition to other rare, wild, ancient tea tree forests that they have been harvesting for generations. Buy any of the teas below and support the livelihood of this wonderful village.

2021 Autumn

Our Wild Rock is the most famous of all the Oolongs. According to a legend, a scholar fell ill en-route to Beijing to take the Imperial Examination. A monk cured him using the tea leaves plucked from Six Tea Bushes. When he returned later, having passed his Examination with flying colors, he offered a Red Robe (Da Hong Pao) as a gesture of gratitude. Personally, we have found genuine Da Hong Pao to be the most difficult Wuyi tea to the source. Our Da Hong Pao is handpicked at a staggering height of over 4,500 feet high. What gives this Da Hong Pao such flavor, such incredible energy, and such vitality is that it grows out of the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of the Wuyi Mountains. It is the surrounding environment that can make tea wonderful (or not), and the environment enveloping these tea trees is truly magical. Picture ancient, volcanic rock face mountains, flowing emerald green rivers, rich bamboo and pine forests and the mystical fog that engulfs the mountains every morning. So much life, so much beauty, all absorbed by this special tea.

Weight Loss*  Increase Metabolism*  Reduce Blood Pressure*  Anti-aging-battling cognitive impairment*  Reduce Hypertension*  Powerful Antioxidants*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Roasted Rock Aroma

Oolong Tea

Wuyi Mountain Fujian Province, China.

Stomach & Spleen


Happy, Playful & Relax

Late Summer & Autumn

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Jay W.
United States United States

Wild Rock Oolong

The Wild Rock Oolong tea is an awesome tea!! Great aroma and taste.

P l.
United States United States

Best of any tea we have had in the past

Oolong has always been one of my favorite go-to teas. This wild tea has proven to be the best of any Oolong we have had in the past. This is now our work-day morning tea of choice.

Tara H.
United States United States


I love this tea. I could drink it every day and never tire of it.

alden r.
United States United States

Outstanding tea

Oolong tea is unique on its own, but Wild Rock is amazing. Wild Rock compares favorably to considerably more expensive oolong teas. It is one of life’s small pleasures, not to be missed


my new favorite tea!!!

taste wonderfully and definitely relaxes me!