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Wild Zixi White Green Tea

"A sage just clearly understands the essence and does not beautify the external details. They maintain their spirit, and discards wisdom and trickery. By remaining indifferent and non-interfering, man can do anything; by keeping calm and no interfering, they can put everything in order. So-called non-interference refers to not setting the course of development and changes of the myriad things in advance; and the so called “ doing anything” means to conform to the development and changes of the myriad things. The so-called “not interfering” means not trying to change the inherent nature of the myriad things; and so-called “ putting everything in order” means to act according to the natural conditions of the myriad things.

Therefore, based on this philosophy, you can see clearly how our tea master Chaxi works with her teas.

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Zixi is a small county, part of Jiangxi's Fuzhou city. The mountains of the Wuyi mountain range the Dajue mountain and the Longhu mountains surround this small tea area. There is no any industry in the area, and no city nearby. The altitude of this tea area is between 200 and 500 meters. The soil is fertile and loose, and forest surrounds the tea area. Perfect for natural tea growing. Our Wild Zixi White Green tea is from a 300mu (20 hectares) semi-wild tea area. After it been planted, never disturbed with any chemicals, tilling nor pruning, just nothing. These trees just grow as they want.

2020 Spring

The Little Tea Sister is called tea master Chaxi and all her life has been about tea. She grew up in Fujian in a tea area nearby Anxi. After she got married, they moved together to Zixi. They needed to move, because it was difficult to earn money in their home town. All they knew was tea, so they started with selling tea from other areas to the people in Zixi. When they got the opportunity, they started growing their own tea. Because of their love for tea, they did never hurt the tea leaves, and now offer Zixi's best green tea.

Our tea master Chaxi cares for her tea mountain, she processes the leaves herself and tirelessly let you taste all the grades she offers. Moreover, she keeps experimenting with different cultivars and tea areas, making every meeting with her an amazing tea event.  

Weight Loss*  Increase Metabolism*  Reduce Blood Pressure*  Anti-aging-battling cognitive impairment*  Reduce Hypertension*  Powerful Antioxidants*

This tea has multiple health benefits ranging from anti-cancer, anti-aging, to lowering blood pressure and even can clear bad breath. It is a cooling tea so it is especially great if you have been eating fried or oily foods which are heating for the body. Also, a good summertime tea to cool off from the heat.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Wild Flowery Aroma

Green Tea

Zixi, China

Heart & Small Intestine


Focused & Relax