*Ancient Artisan Moonlight White Tea packed with powerful antioxidants, this tea can strengthen the immune system and raise your energy level. It also improves concentration, enhances mood and can be beneficial for depression. It destroys free radicals thus beautifying the skin.
*Sesame seeds are extremely beneficial for health but are often overlooked. They have the ability to prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, prevent a wide variety of cancers, build strong bones, protect against radiation, and improve the heart health. They also help cure sleep disorders, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, boost respiratory health, and aid in dental care. These powerful seeds improve blood circulation, detoxify the body, and eliminate depression and chronic stress.
*Coconut meat nutrition is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Coconut meat health benefits are seemingly endless, coconut meat is also a very good source of fiber, and contains 7.2 g per cup. Coconut meat is also an excellent of minerals, especially manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, selenium, and potassium. It also contains calcium, zinc, and phosphorus. As far as vitamins, coconut meat also contains choline, folate, vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and vitamin B5.
*Durian is a high energy fruit with above moderate levels of sugar content. The Water content of Durian is reasonably 65% and cholesterol is zero even though it has a considerable amount of fats.
Apart from dietary fiber, Durian is a rich source of Vitamin B1 and fulfills about 33% of our daily requirement. It also makes up 24% of our daily need of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Trace metals like manganese, Potassium, and magnesium are also profusely abundant ranging between 8% to 15% of our requirement. This high nutrition density translates into important health benefits.
These ingredients packed altogether are perfect balance your body and has incrediable healthy benefits for you!

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