Whenever you purchase a Wild Tea Qi tea product, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to planting one more tree around the world with the One Tree Planted Foundation.
Nature becomes our sanctuary and we sense the importance of making conscious choices. It may positively affect the way we treat ourself, our home, our community, and our land. May we recognize the preciousness of life, in a conscious act of reverence and gratitude.
Talk is not enough, so we have partnered with the One Tree Planted Foundation ( A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the One Tree Planted Foundation.

Why the One Tree Planted Foundation?

There are many consumers who simply love to drink tea. However, due to the increasingly convenient methods of tea consumption available, people are drinking teas that are grown, produced and brewed in less and less healthy ways. In the end, they develop devastating health problems without any idea ow they got there. Another consequence is that 30%-60% of the forests on this earth have been lost due to clear cutting and chemical use over the past 30 years. Even with chemicals, it's getting hard to produce at a rate that keeps up with demand. With the deforestation, we've lost millions of species of wild plants and animals, many of which we hardly knew in the first place. 
So, if you want to get real healthy and organic teas, please help us and let's join together to create a truly biodiversity environment together and protect our mother earth for the next generations. 

-Shana Zhang

Wild Ancient Artisanal BiodiversiTEAs

In all Wild Tea Qi tea products purchased, a portion will be donated to planting more trees around the world.

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