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    Tea Hunter’s Sampler Set

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Artisan Teas Delivered From the Farmer to Your Doorstep

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    New Wild Tea Hunter Tea Book!

    Join JT Hunter, an aspiring American tea hunter (founder of Wild Tea Qi) on his tea hunting expeditions to find China’s ancient and wild tea trees. Find out for the first time the harsh truths behind big tea business and follow his journey to meet the last true tea artisans.

  • Green Teas

    Tea Hunter’s Tea of the Month Club

    Each month get delivered to your doorstep like clockwork, direct from China JT Hunter’s latest tea treasures that he has hunted. These teas are not available for regular sale on the Wild Tea Qi website or for sale anywhere else for that matter.

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    Why Buy Wild?

    First you must understand what the difference is between a commercially farmed tea and wild tea: Our teas are grown on one single estate. Meaning in a bag of tea that you purchase you can be assured it is one single kind of tea from the same harvest. Unlike many commercially farmed teas that use teas from different batches and harvests and even different grades confusing and distorting the pure flavor.

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    Support the farmers

    Each tea artisan has their own specialty, their own unique culture and story.

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    Tea Mastery Certification Course™ Starting April 13, 2014

    Just imagine being trained to become a Certified Tea Master™ in Yunnan Province, China, the birthplace of tea.

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    Connoisseur’s Tea Collection

    For the tea Connoisseur, these teas are for the refined tea taster. All of our teas at Wild Tea Qi are of the highest quality, but our Connoisseur's Tea collection are a step above the rest.