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Wild Schizandra Herbal Tea (Wild Omija Berry)

Schizandra Berry (Also called Omija Berry) has been used throughout China and Russia for over millennia for its outstanding health benefits. It has been used by Chinese Athletes, martial artists and Qigong practitioners as a "Qi Tonic" due to it's powerfully energizing and endurance enhancing effects. Our wild Schisandra is carefully sun-dried to preserve the many health benefits that this wonderful berry offers. Our Schizandra Berry (Omija Berry) only harvested from the wild forest in Changbai mountain in northern China.

2019 Winter

Our Wild Shisandra (Wild Schizandra, Wild Omijia) Chinensis (五味子 in Chinese, pinyin: wǔ wèi zi), literally "five flavor berry" gets its name due to the fact that it contains all five flavors of Chinese Medicine which are sour, sweet, salty, bitter and pungent. It is a deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northeast China and the Russian Far East (from Chang Bai Mountain in northern China).

Increase Energy*
Fight Fatigue*
Reduce Stress*
Protective Antioxidant*
Enhance Physical Performance*
Increase Endurance*
Improve Concentration*
Improve Coordination*
Liver Protective Benefits*
Beautify the Skin*
Traditional Chinese Medicine Benefits

Act as an astringent for the Qi of the lungs and Kidneys
Restrain the essence to treat diarrhea
Stop excessive sweating from the deficiency of Yin or Yang
Calm the spirit by refreshing the heart and kidneys
Generate body fluid and reduce thirst.

* Strong Sweet and Sour
* Lightly salty, bitter and pungent

Herbal Tea

Chang Bai Mountain, China