The Philosophy of Tea

An alternative to the way we live, tea as an example of how we can live a good life with the philosophy of tea.
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Wild Tea Qi has its own origin

Wild Tea Qi is written in Chinese as '野茶氣', our tea not only receives the love of the majority of tea lovers, the famous Chinese contemporary artist Langsen (郎森) is also a big fan of Wild Tea Qi tea, he personally wrote the Wild Tea Qi in Chinese characters for Wild Tea Qi in calligraphy, he believes that Wild Tea Qi tea represents not only good tea, but also represents the powerful energy that nature brings to mankind.
Now, owning our Wild Tea Qi T-shirt, you own a masterpiece of calligraphy!

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Chinese Contemporary Artist Langsen(郎森) wrote Chinese calligraphy 野茶氣 for Wild Tea Qi

The Essence of Tea 

The pattern of this T-Shirt is derived from our original packaging design for The Essence of Tea - Wild Artisan Moonlight White - 2021 Limited Edition.
The Chinese world Jing can mean various things depending on context. Jing (精), as essence, exists in everything, as the primal substance or original source from which anything is made and which exhibits the true nature of that thing. In animals or humans, it means the very original and essential source of life and growth. The big difference between a wild tea tree and an ancient tea tree is that ancient tea tree usually refers to cultivated tea plants that have been grown over hundreds of years. Wild tea tree refers to trees originally grown from wild seeds and in wild conditions without disturbance by human beings. This type of tea tree is usually genetically diverse and rare. It’s highly valuable, and it’s important that we search out and protect this type of wild tea tree.

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The Qi of Tea

The pattern of this T-Shirt is derived from our original packaging design for The Qi of Tea - Ancient Rattan Tea Tree Raw Puer - 2021 Limited Edition.
Qi (氣) in the tea context is not the physical flavor you can taste, it’s the feeling you get from the tea. Good tea having Qi (氣)depends on who made the tea, if it was made by a very high-level tea master purely by hand, people’s feelings and the energy and emotion put into the tea by the people who made it. What type of person you are will be a deciding factor in what kind of tea you can make. If you are a person with deep Qi (氣) in your body, the Qi of the tea you make will be stronger and carry a strong spirit. Like a martial arts master who has deep Qi in his martial arts, you can tell and feel his movements will be much stronger than normal people’s.

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The Spirit of Tea

The pattern of this T-Shirt is derived from our original packaging design for The Spirit of Tea - Ancient Artisan Moonlight White - 2021 Limited Edition.
When the chaos of the world comes, keeping our spirit in a quiet environment is what protects our bodies from harm. When we are finally able to quiet down and discharge all external distractions, and our hearts are filled with tranquility and peace, only then can our spirits exist healthily in physical form, and only then can human society reach true harmony. Only when people stop looking outward for material stimuli to fulfill their needs and turn inward for inner peace and tranquility will we produce a more advanced human society where technology development is not leading the way. The only way for humanity to move to a higher level is for us to find inner peace and tranquility; only then can we attain enlightenment. 

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