Biodiversity Tea (BiodiversiTEA)

On our Biodiversity Tea (BiodiversiTEA) plantation, you can see flowers, grass and plants growing naturally in between the tea trees. On a typical mass-planted tea plantation, all the grass and native plants are ruthlessly ripped out of the ground as they are considered a weed that will suck nourishment from the tea bushes. Actually, given how absorbent a tea tree is, all the plants, trees and flowers growing around it greatly affect the taste of the leaves.

Support BiodiversiTea plantation meaning you are helping us to protect wildlife and keep mother earth in healthy ecosystem balance at the same time.

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Wild & Ancient

We only focus on Wild or Ancient Tea Tree Teas.

The root of wild or ancient tea trees have a much more complex system of development and grow much deeper into the earth.

They flourish in bio-diversity environments where there are many influences from other plants and the local ecology.

The bio-diversity and the natural replenishment of soil nutrients from the natural cycle of birth and death ensure that the soil found around wild or ancient tea trees is richer than the soil in a farm that grows just tea shrubs.

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Artisanal Tea

For tea artisans tea is a form of art, it is a way of life for centuries. We believe in supporting the small local true tea artisans and not encouraging large corporate takeovers of tea farms. Drink a cup of tea not machine made is crucial to absorbing true healthy tea energy and nutrition into your body.
Let’s save our true artisans, let them know we value their skills that bring so many happy moments to people around the world. Let’s say no to large-scale factory produced teas and tea wares and protect these invaluable artisans for the next generation to enjoy.

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