Shana Zhang is the founder of the International Tea Academy and in-house tea artisan of Wild Tea Qi. She has a deep understanding of the tea industry; her tea books are currently published on Amazon, and she is working on new tea books so she can continue to share her unique perspective of the tea industry from the Chinese side of things.

She was professionally trained within China in the Chinese tea ceremony and as a professional tea taster and tea artisan. Shana is the major soul behind Wild Tea Qi, and joined the company as part of her mission to help protect China's quickly dwindling natural environment. She strongly supports the biodiversity of tea and seeks to preserve and promote China's original tea artisans.

In addition to this, the Wild Tea Qi team has compiled information about hundreds of tea companies from around the world. You can read Shana's tea books and learn from her tea courses. She is ready to share with you her insider tea knowledge—knowledge that you can't find anywhere else.

Our Ancient Tree Tea line is hand harvested from ancient tea trees that range from several hundred or several thousand years old. These ancient tea trees grow in a naturally organic and oftentimes wild environment. The most ancient tea tree is from Yunnan Province, China, the birthplace of tea. The Dai, Hani, Lahu and Bulang tribal people of Yunnan exclusively handpick our ancient tree teas. By purchasing these teas you support the local people as we deal directly with the farmers to create a fair trade tea line. True ancient tree teas can be brewed many times more than a standard tea, thus saving money. Ancient tree tea is like wine in that each brew changes to a deeper and more complex taste.

Come discover, with Shana Zhang and her team, how wild and ancient tea trees contain far more nutrients than standard farmed tea, and learn about the unique, energetic qualities found only in those tea trees in the wild. Find out how you can prevent further destruction of the environment by drinking BiodiversiTEA. If you are a tea lover, traveler, environmentalist or anyone who likes a cup good quality tea,  our stories will forever change your understanding and appreciation of tea.

Renco's tea journey started in 2008. After he graduated as a sociologist in Amsterdam, he ended up Xiamen in Southern China. Renco's talks and travels have revealed how sustainable and sustainability are being used. Right now, companies that are actively engaged in using harmful chemicals and toxins are calling themselves sustainable. Poor quality tea is also labeled as eco-friendly and sustainable.

Renco's definition of sustainable is natural and he hopes that members will understand the difference and focus on what really matters when we talk about sustainable tea cultivation. Only through this can we create a progressive and constructive tea industry and move towards a different future.

What Renco has seen on his tea journey is depleted soils, polluted water and even influence on the quality of air. From his experience, he can say that most of the tea areas have this problem. 
We are convinced that when an area is not healthy, the tea cannot be healthy. By purchasing chemical tea we are digging our own grave (even before we drink it). Despite all the stories about how healthy tea is, there is usually something missing: The tea should come from a natural environment. There is absolutely no need to use any chemicals. The only difference is the yield. Renco has created two great tea companies, now he is joining with Wild Tea Qi and focuses on protecting the natural environment and biodiverse tea farm.