Why Wild Tea Qi?

Support Sustainable and Go Organic!
Supporting sustainable, organic tea farms and plantations is a cornerstone of Wild Tea Qi's mission. We never buy tea from mono-culture, mass produced tea farms. We visit each tea farm and plantation to ensure sustainability and harmony with the environment.

Support the Last Tea Artisans!
For tea artisans tea is a form of art, it is a way of life for centuries. We believe in supporting the small local farmers, tea artisans and not encouraging large corporate takeovers of tea farms. We buy directly from the local tea farmers and tea farmer collectives. This ensures fairly traded tea and supports the local farmers’ livelihood. We believe in creating a long-term, personal relationship with the farmers and tea pickers.

Buy Direct From the Source
Unlike most other tea brands, Wild Tea Qi never buys from tea brokers or outsources our tea buying. We strictly and only buy directly from the source. Raise your tea brand above the rest and buy direct.

Artisan Handpicked and Processed
All of our teas are expertly handpicked and processed. We never buy mass produced machine cut teas. All of our teas are made carefully by hand, using tea making traditions often times passed down through the generations.

Single Origin
We only buy our teas from a single origin, from the same farm and at the same time of the year. Many other tea brands mix teas from different mountains and different farms in order to save on costs. We never mix teas from different farms or plantations, which ensures tea of the finest quality.

Quality Over Quantity

We only sell a small collection of what we feel are the finest, quality teas that meet our strict criteria and standards. Unlike most tea companies which sell as much teas as they can afford, we focus on simply the best teas that we can find that match our strict criteria. In order for us to purchase teas for sale our teas they must meet our criteria:

-We must see the plantation or tea tree forest

-Artisanal picked and produced

-Wild, Ancient Tree and or Biodiverse Tea Trees

-We must meet and develop a relationship with the farmer