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Wild Gynostemma Herbal Tea

Wild Tea Qi Gynostemma is hand-gathered from deep in the rugged Guangxi forests where it has been used by traditional people renowned for their incredible longevity. Powerful saponins like those found in ginseng are the key to its anti-oxidant power and ability to reduce inflammation. Drinking daily can improve the immune system, support your health under stress, and balance hormones.

2022 Spring

The liquor is a light green color depending on your brew time. The taste changes several times in your mouth going from bitter to sweet, but leaving a refreshingly cool, sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

Traditionally used to improve liver function, digestion, arthritis and insomnia, modern studies have proven its efficacy in weight management, reducing blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

1. Benefits Qi:
-Weakness, Fatigue, Debility
-helpful in Altitude sickness
-immuno-suppression in chronic illness including Cancer

2. Clears Heat and Toxin, Relieves Inflammation:
-Chronic Gastroenteritis, Gastro-duodenal Ulcer
-Viral Hepatitis, Herpes

3. Benefits Liver:
-protects and supports Liver function
-lowers Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis
-lowers Blood Sugar

4. Moistens Lungs, Clears Phlegm:
-Cough, Asthma

5. Externally:
-applied as a paste to Liver spots

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Freshing Cooling + Long Sweet After Taste

Herbal Tea

Guangxi, China

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P L.
United States United States

Love the aroma of this tea

Love the aroma of this tea. For some reason, the first time we brewed this, I could not keep my nose out of the fair cup. The scent was having a subtle overall medicinal affect on me. To me, the tea has a very gentle taste. I'll have to study this one a bit more, it has piqued my curiosity.

Drew G.
United States United States


high quality tea.

rein b.
Netherlands Netherlands

Wild gynostemma herbal tea

it is very nice in taste and does wonders for my heart

Trent B.
United States United States

Wild Gynostemma Herbal Tea

Excellent quality of product and packaging.

Laura W.
Australia Australia

Tasty and healthy

Hi I’m loving the Gynostemma it’s delicious. It’s very light and really enjoying the taste. Also so many health benefits .