What is Tea Bank?

Why Should Store and Age Your Teas?

Generally, the shelf-life period for normal green teas or black teas should be within 2 years. Beyond this period, even if they are kept in good condition, their aromas still decrease gradually with the time. But when it comes to aged ancient tea tree artisanal Black Tea, White Tea and Puer Tea they can be aged for years and even go way up in value as a solid investment.

Aged Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal White Tea

The term aged ancient tea tree artisanal white tea refers solely to these white teas which have been stored for a long period of time (10-20 years). Different from traditional green tea or white tea, but like Pu-erh, Lao Bai Cha (Old aged white tea) continues to oxidize during storage, the longer they are stored, the richer and mellower they will be. No matter how long they are stored, the storage time should not hit their expiration date. During the storage, there are a series of changes have been taking place inside the tea. There is a saying about aged white tea in China: “one-year tea, three-year medicine, seven-year treasure”. It means one-year old aged white tea still remains a tea, the three-year old aged white tea is not merely a common tea but has great value in medicine and the seven-year old aged tea turns to be a treasure pursued by tea enthusiasts.

Aged Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal Black Tea and Puer Tea

Ancient tea tree artisanal Black tea and Puer tea can be aged indefinitely if stored in an environment with a stable temperature, dry, no direct sunlight. Over time the value can increase significantly creating a wonderful investment. The flavors will change and health benefits increase exponentially. 

Where to Store and Age Your Teas

Kunming, Yunnan China, is located in the low-latitude monsoon climate zone, with warm and comfortable weather throughout the year. It is never too cold in winter nor too hot in summer, and flowers bloom all year round, thus Kunming is given the nickname "Spring City". The average yearly temperature is about 15 °C (59 °F), where the place has the stable temperature, and dry condition that hardly can find in anywhere else is the world, it's been considered is one of the best places in the world for storing and aging teas. Many tea companies currently pay lots of money to store their teas in Kunming. 

Storage refers to Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal Black Teas and Puer Teas that were stored in Kunming, Yunnan.  Kunming storage would be considered dry storage especially compared to Hong Kong wet storage.  Kunming stored Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal Black Teas and Puer Teas are typically strong in taste and are closer to their origins having retained much of their original character compared to their wetter-stored counterparts. 

Check Out Where Kunming where our tea storage house located exactly on Google Map.

How It Works?

Simply purchase the tea that you want stored listed under our Tea Products Options. Then select the amount of time you want to store the tea. You can choose from 6 months to 2 years where you will pay an automatic recurring fee. This will enable you to be more flexible. If you want to really earn value to your tea, we suggest choosing at least 2 years minimum. If after the storage time you selected we will ship out your stored fine tea to the shipping address you leave to us. But, you still can get your teas anytime you want. If you decide to take out your tea before the time you have paid for your storage expires, simply email to us at websales@wildteaqi.com, by using the email address you registered in our website, but please note, you will not be able to get refunded for that money so be sure how long you want to store your tea or else get the month by month storage plan.