Qi&Tea Spiritual Retreats Taoist Qi & Tea Wuyi Mountain Retreat May 8-12 2013

Join us for a journey of a lifetime as we roll through the

mysterious and mystical Wuyi Mountains to discover the ancient ways of the Taoists.

We will discover and unearth a rare largely unknown Taoist tea culture that has existed for millennia. We journey through most beautiful mountain peaks, wild and ancient tea plantations, to real life monks living deep in the mountains to see, feel and learn these beautiful ancient ways.

Join us for an epic journey of the spirit, ancient Taoist and Zen tea culture and cultivation, Qi and self discovery.

Wuyi’s 36 graceful peaks, most under 600 meters high, are skirted by a zigzagging river called Nine Bend Creek.

Since ancient times, Wuyi Mountain has attracted an endless flow of scholars, Taoist masters, Buddhist monks and travelers.
This naturally endowed landscape of water and hills has given the area the reputation of being the most scenic wonder in Southeast China. In 1999, Wuyi Shan was declared a UNESCO World Nature and Cultural Heritage Site.
Wuyi Shan has beautiful scenery and a galaxy of culture. There are many historical sites, abundant natural resources, and fresh air. Walking in this peaceful and beautiful fairyland is an amazing and memorable experience.
This is the perfect time to come to Wuyi Mountain as the temperature and air is great. It is also tea harvest season!

Day-By-Day Itinerary*

Day 1: 8th Tuesday

Arrive at Wuyishan will be greeted at the Wuyishan airport and be brought to the Zhi Zhi An Temple
Welcome Dinner Feast at the Zhi Zhi An Temple

Day 2: 9th Wednesday

Morning Qigong and Tea (see bottom for Qigong class details)
Lunch in Xingcun Risheng Garden Restaurant where a variety of absolutely delicious local fresh foods will be served.
Sacred Taoist Teachings at the Zhi Zhi An Taoist Temple, Taoist Tea Ceremony and Tea Teachings, and snacks. Teachings will include Qigong, I Ching, Taoist theory and various tea teachings.

Day 3: 10th Thursday

(Optional) Morning Qigong and Tea
Porcelain and Chinese Ancient Artifacts Museum Tour See rare ancient Chinese artifacts that have been preserved for thousands of years as well as stunning Chinese porcelain.
Ancient Secret Teachings of the Jade Stone Master Yu uses the power of Jade throughout his daily life for a variety of things from physical and spiritual health and vitality to protection. He will teach us how to use Jade in our daily lives as well as how to identify genuine Jade.

Day 4: 11th Friday

(Optional) Morning Qigong and Tea
Taoist Tea ceremony and Taoist teachings in the Zhi Zhi Taoist temple We will be studying various aspects of Taoism including I Ching, Qigong, Taoist tea ceremony as well as how the Taoists use tea in their daily life to cultivate their body, mind and spirit.
Afternoon: Horse Head Rock Mountain, Taoist Temple and Tea Plantation. One of my favorite parts of the trip we will visit a Taoist monk truly living the ancient monk life. This monk lives by himself year round in a beautiful temple in the mountains. He grows all his own food and even harvests his own tea.
Farewell Banquet at the Wuyi Palace there are a delicious variety of fresh, wild vegetables, mushrooms and meats.

Day 5: 12th Saturday

Leave Wuyishan we will provide transport to the airport.

Taoist Qi & Tea Wuyi Mountain Retreat May 2013

$2 979.00

*Details are subject to change.

**Daily Meals at the Zhi Zhi An Temple and other places include a delicious and healthy 3 meals per day. Vegetarian alternatives will be served. A variety of local meats, fresh vegetables and wild mushrooms will be served. Please notify us in advance for any special food allergies.

Qigong Classes:

The first part of our trip will include daily Qigong classes. Our daily Qigong classes will focus on strengthening and building the Qi in the Tan Tian, lungs and more. This will be followed by Meridian Qigong and well as Organ Qigong.
This will be beneficial for both beginner and advanced Qigong practitioners. Suzanne Rienits will be teaching everyday. Since 1980, Suzanne has been studying, practising and teaching Bodywork/Massage Therapies, Acupuncture, Chinese & Natural Medicine and Lifestyle & Stress Management.
Suzanne has been practising Qigong since first studying in China in 1989. She is known as a very experienced Acupuncturist, Bodyworker, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a caring and joyful teacher. Suzanne has a private practice in Lennox Head.


We will be staying at the beautiful Zhi Zhi An Temple in the Wuyi Mountains. Surrounded by bamboo and pine forests, 9 Bend River, streams, tea hills and stunning mountain rock faces it is the perfect place to hold our retreat base. Recently a brand new sleeping quarters was built that will be perfect for our retreat. There is Wi-fi available in the rooms.
Minimum deposit: 50% (refundable until 60 days prior to departure)
*Bring a friend or family member and get a $99 discount on the retreat

Tour cost$2979

Includes: All local transportation, all meals, all hotels,
and all entry fees to events/museums
(accommodations for the night before the tour begins are not included).
A variety of wild, ancient and organic teas will be offered included in the retreat.
Tour cost does not include: Airfare to and from China, visas, immunizations, or tips
Single Room Supplement $197
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