Refund Policy


1. Returns may be made for items but only if they are un-opened.  Customer will pay return shipping to China before a refund is processed. You have 40 days from the date of receipt of goods to return them to us.

2. If you want to return items there must be a valid reason. Simply not liking the tea or item is not a valid reason. We offer sample portions for most of the more expensive teas we sell, so please try the samples first before purchasing a whole cake, brick or bag! If a sample or lesser portion is not available for sale you are welcome to request that we list it for sale!

3. If you change your address after you have made the order or if you change your address after we have shipped out your parcel based on your register address on our website, we do not accept return items.


1.  If an item is broken or missing from your parcel please inform us within 7 working days right after you receive the items.  We may require you to provide photographic documentation of the defect or damage before we can replace the item or refund you.

2.  If an item is damaged or missing from your order we reserve the right to send with your subsequent order.  We will not send the item by itself in a package of it’s own.  If you don’t want to wait to have the missing/damaged item sent in a subsequent order you may choose to have the price of the item and a portion of the shipping refunded to you.

Customer service will respond to requests within 2 working days.

Contact customer service at: