Tea Master Yang Kai Wei


Over 200 years ago, Yang Kai Wei’s family’s ancestors planted very special, now ancient tea trees on Wu Liang Mountain in Yunnan. Wu Liang Mountain is famous in China for being one of the best ancient tea tree mountains anywhere in Yunnan and producing some of the finest teas in China. Growing at elevations between 6,000-7,200+ feet high Yang Kai Wei’s family trees bask in the strong high mountain sun of Yunnan year round. Yang’s family secret of making artisan, handmade green tea has been passed down for generations. Since they focus on a single type of tea rather than many different kinds, they have been able to hone their skill and bring this green tea to a high level of quality most will never attain. It is a family farm and small enough that the family can manage it themselves. They take pride in the fact that their farm is considered an “ecological” tea farm, only growing organic teas in a sustainable way that preserves the environment. Their tea trees that they cultivate are the same ones their family planted over 200 years ago creating a special and rare ancient tree green tea that is unlike any other I have ever had. These green teas became my most popular and my own personal favorite as their character is so complex that any other green tea I have had after pales in comparison.

-JT. Hunter