Tea Mastery Certification Course™ Starting April 13, 2014

Jinghong, Yunnan, China • Limit Of 10 Registrants

Just imagine being trained to become a Certified Tea Master™ in Yunnan Province, China, the birthplace of tea. This phenomenal 15-Week Tea Mastery Certification Course™, a four-month, three-part program, containing all of the educational requirements an individual needs for achieving the Certified Tea Master™ designation, the most prestigious title in the tea industry. Guaranteed to be a once in a lifetime experience!

The course holds the high level of focus and support needed to gain the competence and confidence to serve as a distinguished tea master at any upscale restaurant, hotel, or tea court, or expand or start one’s own successful tea business.

The training will be conducted in English and led by Certified Tea Master™ Jay Hunter (a.k.a. The Wild Tea Hunter), Executive Director of the Tea Masters Association of China, and his associate, Certified Tea Master™ Shana Chang, both true experts on tea. They promise to make this an especially memorable experience for everyone.

  • 3-day – Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™ (on-site at hotel)
  • 4-Day – Tea Artisan And Culture Course™ (on-site at tea plantations)
  • 14-week – Tea Mastery Tasting Course™ (home study)

The course is open to 10 registrants. Participants in this program stay together as a group for all 15 weeks. The 3-Day Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™ will be spent at a hotel training location in China near tea plantations inXishuangbanna. During the  3-Day Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™, you will be totally immersed in several days of unique and intense accelerated learning and training, along with real-life practice sessions preparing and serving many different teas.

This will be followed by four days in the field at various tea plantations, including time spent harvesting your own tea leaves. You will be training in the field in stunning and famous ancient tea tree mountain, Nannuo Mountain in Yunnan, with master tea artisans who have spent their lives cultivating tea. This four day experience will include visits, tours and studies of tea factories, tea plantations, and visits to life-long tea artisans to learn their special cultivation methods, cultural practices, and history of tea from their perspective.

The 14-Week Tea Mastery Tasting Course™ begins a week after the conclusion of the3-Day Comprehensive Tea Mastery Course™. This part of the training is focused on integrating and expanding what was learned during the first part. Registrants will be working at home from the 133-page Tea Mastery Tasting Course Training Manual™with 14 departments, each on a separate variety of tea. They will be provided with three different tea samples corresponding to each department (i.e., 3 types of Japanese Green Tea, Chinese Green Tea, etc.). They will be assigned a different chapter each week and asked to taste and evaluate the three corresponding tea samples according to the protocol learned in the first part of the course, and then asked to submit their evaluations in a special online form created for this purpose.

Once completed, registrants will be asked to evaluate a “Mystery Tea” and take a final examination composed of 106 true-false and 4 essay questions. Graduates will be honored with the Certified Tea Master™  designation, a Certificate of Completion, and an engraved Lapel Pin. They will conclude this course with a truly unique knowledge unlike any other tea course being offered throughout the world.

The program is designed for and will benefit: restaurant, hotel, and tea business owners and managers, tea aficionados, industry suppliers, and others who wish to incorporate tea mastery skills into their daily lives or current profession, as well as anyone seriously interested in a career as a tea master.

Tuition for the complete program is USD$3,475 for American Tea Masters Association members (US$3,625 for nonmembers). To register, post a US$250 non-refundable tuition deposit for Course 149 to Paypal info@wildteaqi.com or with a credit card here. We will send you an invoice by email for the balance prior to the start of the training, which will be due and payable upon receipt. Financial assistance is available to those in need at teamasters.org/financialassistance.