Tea Master Wang Feng

Wang Feng and her family come from a long lineage of tea artisans deep in the heart of Yunnan Province. Her father was the first member of her family to share their tea with the outside world. In Yang Ta Mountain it has literally over 2,000 years of history in tea cultivation, with a special focus on ancient tea trees. Over 2,000 years ago, Wang Feng’s ancestors’ tribe was starving from lack of food and drought. The tribal leader of the village had a vision that his people needed to go to what is now Yang Ta Mountain in Yunnan Province. After trekking with the village literally hundreds of miles by foot, they made it to Yang Ta Mountain. They found a mountain plentiful of food and water. What they also noticed were tea trees growing in many places. As the tribal leader was on his deathbed he had a last vision that he shared with his people. “If I just leave you all my silver and gold you will spend it all and become poor quick. What I want to leave you is the beautiful tea trees to support our people. If you nurture and care for these trees ceaselessly, they will in turn care for you by supporting your livelihoods.” To this day the wonderful tea that Wang Feng and her village harvest supports the village and in turn they share some of the most exotic, delicious teas found anywhere. Through over 2,000 years of cultivation and processing they have truly mastered the art of tea. Wang Feng lives with her two children and husband in Yang Ta Mountain.