Wild Tea Hunter


JT Hunter the founder of Wild Tea Qi, an aspiring American tea hunter on his tea hunting expeditions to find China’s ancient and wild tea trees. Find out for the first time the harsh truths behind big tea business and follow his journey to meet the last true tea artisans. Learn about a secret Taoist tea culture that aligns tea plants with star constellations. Delve into the spiritual tea culture of the Hani hill tribe that reveres ancient tea trees as sacred spirits of divine protection. Get the controversial insider’s story on the tea industry. Read for the first time in print the fallacies of Fair Trade and Organic Certification, and the gap between the theory and realities of forest protection. Discover how wild and ancient tea trees contain a multiple of the nutrients of standard farmed tea and be introduced to the unique energetic qualities found only in the tea trees in the wild. Learn how you can prevent further destruction of the environment by drinking BiodiversiTEA. If you are a tea lover, traveller, environmentalist or anyone who likes a cup now and again, this book will forever change your understanding and appreciation of tea.

Our Ancient Tree Tea line is hand harvested from ancient tea trees that range from several hundred to several thousand years old, growing in a naturally organic and often times wild environment.  The most ancient tea tree is from Yunnan Province China, the birth place of tea. The Dai, Hani, Lahu and Bulang tribal people of Yunnan exclusively handpick our ancient tree teas from Yunnan. By purchasing these teas you support the local people as we deal direct with the famers to create fair trade tea line. True ancient tree tea can be brewed many times more than a standard tea, thus saving lots of money. Ancient tree tea is like wine in that each cup changes taste and also has a deeper and more complex taste.