Artisan Yunnan Longjing Green Tea

About a two hour drive from Kunming, Yunnan Province and after a three-hour hike deep into the mountains of Yiliang County we found this gorgeous hidden gem, an ancient tea tree garden hidden right in plain sight.

There were remnants of an old temple and later it was confirmed to be the famous Bao Hong Temple’s old tea garden. This ancient tea tree garden created by a monk who came down from Fujian Province in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). He brought with him tea tree seeds, which were a special small leaf variety from Fujian. During the cultural revolution, the temple was destroyed as were many holy sites.

This tea garden has over 1200 years of history. From the Ming Dynasty, all the way until the Qing Dynasty this ancient tea tree garden’s teas became more and more famous for its special flavor and unique style. Using the traditional baking style, the tea became well known as Bao Hong Baked Green Tea.

Shana Zhang, co-owner of Wild Tea Qi’s and our very own in-house tea artisan is always seeking to improve and revolutionize tea production. She is a published author on tea and the co-founder of the International Tea Academy. Shana, seeing the sky-high prices of traditional Longjing (Dragon Well) in Zhejiang Province, that only the super-rich could afford, she realized there was no ancient tea tree Longjing (Dragon Well) style of production. Longjing otherwise known as Dragon Well in English is one of the most famous style productions of tea. Unfortunately to get truly good quality Longjing now can exceed $10,000 USD per kilogram and even more. Shana, using her supreme tea production skills and knowledge has created the first Ancient Tree Tea Longjing style tea from Yunnan, Province.

Unparalleled Production

This is handpicked, first sprout, high mountain, Bao Hong ancient tree, fresh spring tea leaves, wok roasted over an open fire and master crafted Longjing style by Shana Zhang.

Special Features:
* Rare, Yunnan, small leaf variety tea leaves originally from Fujian
* High mountain ancient tree tea is grown at over 6,168 feet (1880 meters) high with over 1,200 years of history
*Some of the earliest sprouting tea trees in China giving it a unique edge
*From tea trees planted by monks
*Traditional Longjing style production
*Limited Edition! Only 20 of 3oz packages available.

Here you have the best of both worlds, you have the powerful and nourishing Qi from an ancient tea tree, with also the complex taste that you expect from Wild Tea Qi’s ancient tree teas, and at the same time, you can savor a famous style of tea. Wild Tea Qi is proud to release a one-of-a-kind tea to the public for the first time!

2018 Spring

This tea has multiple health benefits ranging from anti-cancer, anti-aging, to lowering blood pressure, and even can clear bad breath. It is a cooling tea so it is especially great if you have been eating fried foods which are heating for the body. Also, a good summertime tea to cool off from the heat.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Toasted Light Rice Aroma & Wild Flowers Aroma

Green Tea

Yiliang, Yunnan, China.

Heart & Small Intestine


Focused & Relax


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