The Essense, Qi and Spirit of Tea Gift Set 精氣神茶套裝

The Essence of Tea - Wild Artisan Moonlight White - 2021 Limited Edition

The Chinese world Jing can mean various things depending on context. Jing (精), as essence, exists in everything, as the primal substance or original source from which anything is made and which exhibits the true nature of that thing. In animals or humans, it means the very original and essential source of life and growth. The big difference between a wild tea tree and an ancient tea tree is that ancient tea tree usually refers to cultivated tea plants that have been grown over hundreds of years. Wild tea tree refers to trees originally grown from wild seeds and in wild conditions without disturbance by human beings. This type of tea tree is usually genetically diverse and rare. It’s highly valuable, and it’s important that we search out and protect this type of wild tea tree.

The Qi of Tea - Ancient Rattan Tea Tree Raw Puer - 2021 Limited Edition

The Qi (chi/氣), according to ancient Chinese medical science, is the breath, the air, the energy from nature; without it, there is no life. If Qi is not respected according to its natural law, it will leak. If a bionic body or artificial intelligence becomes central to one’s life, the Qi will lose its purpose. Moreover, once Qi is no longer acquired from nature, the most crucial element to natural life is lost: Spirit. If the spirit does something unsuitable to itself, man will become muddle-headed. The fundamental purpose of produce this ancient rattan tea tree raw puer tea is to collect the strong Qi from the ancient rattan tea tree and great energy from the tea master, to help us remove clutter from our bodies, keep Qi flowing through our bodies, and help purify our spirits.

The Spirit of Tea - Ancient Artisan Moonlight White - 2021 Limited Edition

Our Ancient Artisan Moonlight White Tea is only picked in very limited quantities between March and May when the first buds and tender tea leaves appear on the ancient tea trees. We are very fortunate that this tea is unique not only because it comes from ancient tea trees that grow in the forest, but it has important spiritual energy that can not only make your mind more focused and calm, it can guide us to understand how to achieve complete spiritual peace. 

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Jonathan L.
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Tea Gift Set

Excellent Tea for the price and the packaging and suppliers (ahka and other hill tribes) are cool.