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Ancient Artisan Yunnan Black Tea 古樹手工雲南紅茶

The most important purpose behind starting Wild Tea Qi was to help you – tea lovers from around the world – have access to real organic tea that is unavailable anywhere else. Sadly, too many companies "claim" organic for higher prices, but really only sell factory-produced, chemical-laden teas.

Therefore, to honor your choice to live healthily and benefit the earth, beginning today we are going to be showing through video documentaries and in-depth blog posts every single detail of how we source and produce our teas. For example, you can click here or below to watch the trailer of WTQ co-founder Shana's most recent trip sourcing our new limited-supply Ancient Artisan Black Tea from 500 to 800-year ancient tea trees.

When you choose Wild Tea Qi, it means you are actively choosing to support the environment and the few true tea artisans left in the world who not only grow sustainable tea, but also help spread such amazing, spiritual tea culture. Now, you can enjoy seeing where these teas come from!

Read more: Back to Nature and Tradition - The Ancient Method of Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal Yunnan Black Tea Making

2024 Spring (Pure Handmade Sun-dried Black Tea)

This truly artisanal black tea comes from ancient trees anywhere from 500 to 800 years old. Its aroma begins fruity and ends floral, while its taste maintains both with increasing sweetness. This rare small-vintage is in limited supply, and it's a perfect tea can be aged indefinitely if stored in an environment at a stable temperature, dry, no direct sunlight. Over time the value can increase significantly creating a wonderful investment. The flavors will change and health benefits increase exponentially. Consider ordering some of this fabulous tea today!

Black tea has known medicinal qualities that aid in sharpening concentration, lower cholesterol, relieve diarrhea, fight tooth decay, and much more. Black tea stimulates circulation to the brain without overstimulating the heart, as black tea has less caffeine than coffee. The high tannins in black tea have a therapeutic effect on gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, and can even relieve diarrhea. To reap the full benefits of this effect, brew it strong (but not bitter) and don’t use any sweetener. Furthermore, natural fluoride is found in black tea which helps fight tooth decay. Finally, theophylline in black tea helps improve cholesterol levels, while it can also increase metabolism thereby aiding in weight management.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Sweet Chocolate Coconut Flavors

Black Tea

Stomach & Spleen


Playful & Happy

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Puer, Yunnan China

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John H.
United States United States

Ancient Artisan Black Tea

This is by far my favorite black tea!

A Wild Tea Qi Official Website Customer
James F.
United States United States


Healthy and completely organic! Next level pure!

Michael G.
United States United States

Smooth black tea

This is an easy to enjoy black tea. The taste sweet and smooth, with an aromatic scent. One can enjoy brewing this leaf multiple times.

Gabriel M.
Australia Australia

Ancient Prana Packed

This tea is beyond conception. Ancient daoist practices to ensure the finest tea in the world. Prana packed so pure and rich!

Adrian B.

I now appreciate black teas

I didn’t even really like black teas that much until I had this tea and now this is one of my favorites. I love it after breakfast to improve my digestion and to fire me up for the day. The smell is almost as good as the taste!