Earth Element Tea - For Lungs & Large Intestine

Yi Tribal Coins Tube Fermented Puer Tea

Our Yi Tribal Coins from ancient tea trees that date around 400-500 years old. This tea is handpicked by both the Yi Tribe and Dai Tribe peoples of Yunnan. After being picked, tea is then expertly pressed into convenient 6g discs and then individually wrapped in gold foil, making the perfect size for brewing or to take your tea with you.

This tea hails from the legendary ancient tea tree mountain, Yang Ta. Yang Ta has peak summits of up to 8,760 feet high (2920 meters!). The ancient tea trees growing on this mountain grow as high as a staggering 27 feet in length and 6-12 feet in diameter! Tea trees like this are virtually unmatched in most of the world.

A variety of Puer and white teas are harvested from this mountain. The large leaf teas that come from there have distinct silvery and white hairy features that contain an olive-like aroma. They have been harvesting tea here since ancient times. The average age of the tea trees ranges from 200-500 years old on this mountain.

A deeply fermented puer with a smoothness followed by slight fruity notes and an autumn like sweetness. Very, very few farmers and artisans possess the skill and technique needed to properly press and ferment leaves from such old trees (400-500 years), and even fewer are bold enough to do so, as most fear ruining them in the process. Further, it is hard to press the tea into such small shape! It’s size makes it perfect for personal brewing. Hence this is one of our most distinct teas. and our sales reflect this as we have had it private labeled time and again to tea sellers all over the world!

2013 (Aged Ripe Puer)

This tea can really settle your stomach as the rich, thick liquor can give a protective coating on the inside. Fermented puer is rich in beneficial bacteria which significantly aids digestion and is relaxing for the stomach. Fermented puer also typically has double the vitamin C of raw puer which happens during the cooking process. It is thought to also reduce clogging of the arteries due to eating fatty foods.*

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* Unsweetened Chocolate + Nice Toasted Rice Taste 

Fermented Puer Tea ( Ripe Puer)

Puer,Yunnan China