Loose Leaf Tea

We offer over 60 loose leaf tea, flower teas and herbs. Each Spring, Summer and Autumn we to numerous tea harvesting regions around China to ensure the quality and sustainability of our teas. Studying with various tea masters, monks and tea farmers have inspired our product development and infused our line of teas and herbs with a perspective on quality, sustainable practices, traditional tea culture, local culture. Our uniquely strong, honest and direct relationships with artisans and farmers allow us to produce rare and wild teas that offer an unparalleled level of uniqueness and quality.


Benefits of Loose leaf

Loose leaf tea delivers higher quality, fresher taste with greater health benefits. We import tea each season directly from partners at origin, allowing our customers to enjoy the freshest tea possible. Loose leaf tea imparts a richer tasting experience as the tea leaves expand revealing their unique characteristics. It’s also a great value as it can be resteeped multiple times.

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