Loose Leaf Tea

Wild Tea Qi

Wild Tea Qi teas maintain a high-end level of freshness. With over sixty loose-leaf teas available, there are plenty of varieties to browse. Wild Tea Qi carries tea seasonally, and since our tea selection changes throughout the year, you’ll never bore of the teas we offer. Outdoor weather conditions are not always suitable for certain types of tea. Some tea trees thrive in the autumn and flourish in the spring but wither in the heat of summer. Since the trees are barren during the hotter months, the tea leaves are inaccessible.



We travel to the tea harvesting regions of the Yunnan Province three times a year and interact with the growers who cultivate the tea leaves. We engage with them and their products because we are passionate about the tea we sell, from the moment it starts as a miniature bulb, to the point when it transforms into a full-grown tree, and beyond. We hope you are as enthused about loose-leaf tea as us. Wild Tea Qi is the leading seller of wild, ancient, artisanal, and biodiversity teas. Artisanal teaware and informational tea books are also readily available, as well as online tea courses and access to professional tea sommelier training.


Loose-Leaf Tea

In general, tea is a beloved commodity. The soothing agents and comforting warmth that tea provides have earned the aromatic hot drink honorary mentions among all sorts of people. With such a diverse array of aromas and tasting notes, there is a tea out there for absolutely everyone. When it comes to loose-leaf tea, the options are nearly endless. Loose-leaf tea surpasses pre-packaged manufactured teas in terms of excellence. Loose-leaf tea places no restriction on your blend of leaves. It allows you to go to the extent of crafting your own concoction of tea. Simply bundle as little or as many tea leaves of each variety into one teabag, and voila! Your personalized cup of tea is a steep away.



Benefits of Loose-Leaf Tea




Wild Tea Qi’s Premier Loose-Leaf Tea is Outstanding

Wild Tea Qi’s loose-leaf tea collection offers an abundance of tea. The leaves are imported directly from their place of origin. Wild Tea Qi partners with the tea growers on a personal level, eliminating any need for a liaison or mediator. A friendship forms between the buyer and seller, and from there, business prospers. By studying with various tea farmers and monks who’ve mastered the art form, perfection has been infused into our product. Our tea has a magical touch, provided by the skilled individuals with whom we interact and learn from, drawing inspiration from them and utilizing it in everything we do at Wild Tea Qi.


Our friends in the Yunnan Province prepare Wild Tea Qi for success. They handle our line of teas and herbs with an unparalleled perspective and standard of quality. The tea extraordinaires educate us on the most sustainable practices to implement, as well as informing us of traditional tea exercise and the effects of local culture. Our open, honest, and direct relationships with the artisans allow us to produce rare, wild, impeccable teas that offer an unrivaled level of uniqueness and brilliance. Nothing compares to the personal element of hand-selected tea leaves. Wild Tea Qi begins at the source of tea leaf production. We stay committed and involved in the process of crafting marvelous tea.



Tea Leaves are More Beneficial When Whole Than Broken

The separation and confinement of tea into individual bags ultimately causes damage to the leaves. The longer they sit in cloth and paper sachets, the more prone to breakage they are – as well as adapting the scent of the respective material. Most of the pieces found in traditional tea bags are just that: pieces of the whole. While they are still the same tea leaves, they have been chipped away from the larger tea leaves. Whole tea leaves offer benefits that are absent in broken tea leaves. In the process of breaking off of the full leaves, the smaller bits wither and crumble in the teabag. The essential oils escape through the air and moisture, taking many nutritional and healthy elements with them. Eventually, they disintegrate until they are nothing but minor remnants of the tea leaves. 


The Advantages of Loose-Leaf Tea During the Steeping Process

When tea sits in hot water, the natural flavors are extracted from the leaves. As part of the process, tea leaves reveal an unappealing substance called tannin. It is a brown-yellow mixture that hits the back of the tongue, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth. In minor doses, tannin is necessary to create a full-bodied tea. However, too much tannin creates an unwanted experience. If tea leaves are damaged and reduced in size, they exude greater amounts of tannin than whole leaves. At this point, your taste buds will detect an unfavorable palate, decreasing any appetite you may have had prior to sipping the acerbic tea.


Tea tastes best when brewed appropriately, and if diminutive tea leaves exist within the tea bag, the process has already been soiled. Loose-leaf teas guarantee that the water diffuses across every inch of every leaf and ensure that a perfected cup of tea ends up in your hands. Loose leaf tea excels in quality and combines mouth-watering flavors while boosting your immune system with its beneficial and healthy attributes. As tea leaves steep in hot water, they expand, unveiling hidden aromas and deep-rooted notes as time passes. Loose-leaf tea leaves have the capacity to be steeped numerous times as well, so feel free to pour hot water over your Wild Tea Qi tea to your heart’s content!



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