Mengku Rich Valley Raw Puer Tea

Hand-picked at a staggering height of over 7,200 feet high from ancient tea trees on Wuliang Mountain in Yunnan, this tea is a truly rare, exotic find. These are from very rare big leaf tea trees. The youngest trees are over 150 years old. Tribal people believe that the ancient tea trees that grow at high elevations hold special powers. This area of Yunnan gets an extremely high amount of sun all year long infusing this tea with loads of "Sun Qi" or Sun energy. This tea leaves you with very good, sunny, but light energy. This is a raw or "sheng" Pu-Erh.

2011 (Aged Raw Puerh Tea)

These raw puer leaves are long, slender, slightly twisted leaves with purple and silver hues with a sweet wood and cranberry fragrance.

This tea can really settle your stomach as the rich, thick liquor can give a protective coating on the inside. Puer is rich in beneficial bacteria which significantly aids digestion and is relaxing for the stomach. Puer also typically has double the vitamin C of raw puer which happens during the cooking process. It is thought to also reduce clogging of the arteries due to eating fatty foods.*
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* Sweet Wood + Cranberry Fragrance

Raw Puer Tea

Wuilang Mountain, Yunnan, China.