The Tea For the First Day of Spring

February 04, 2022

The Tea For the First Day of Spring

Complete The Cycles and Start a New Life

The I Ching or Yi Jing (Chinese: 易經, Mandarin: [î tɕíŋ]), usually translated as Book of Changes or Classic of Changes, is an ancient Chinese divination text and among the oldest of the Chinese classics.

In the I Ching, there is an important summary of the changes in the world:

" The Primordial Qi (Chi / 氣) of all things creation permeating in nature begins to take shape in the direction and season of the the Zhen (震) trigram ( a symbol of east and spring equinox);

they grow evenly in the direction and season of the Xun (巽) trigram ( a symbol of southeast and the beginning of summer);

Manifest themselves in the direction and season of the Li (離) trigram (a symbol of south and summer solstice);

Dedicate themselves to full development in the direction and season of the Kun (坤) trigram ( a symbol of southwest and the beginning of autumn);

Enjoy maturity in the direction and season of the Dui (兑) trigram (a symbol of west and autumn equinox);

Copulate in the direction and season of the Qian (乾) trigram ( a symbol of northwest and the beginning of winter);

Work diligently in the direction and season of the Kan (坎) trigram ( a symbol of north and winter solstice);

Finally they complete their cycles and start a new life in the direction and season of the Gen (艮) trigram ( a symbol of northeast and the first day of spring). 

The Gen (艮) trigram symbolizes the direction of northeast, when all things of creation complete their cycles and start for a new one. Therefore, the succeed in the end and start a new life in the direction of the Gen (艮) trigram."

Ba Gua Teas

This is so called the basic 8 'changes', also called 8 trigrams in I Ching. So, based on I Ching,  when the cycles end at the Gen (艮) trigram (the first day of spring), meaning it's the complete the cycles and the start a a new life. 

So, when this day - the first day of spring ( February 4th in every year  ) comes, what should we do by following nature changes to keep our body in healthy balance? Again, the answer to this question can be found in our 5 Element tea theory.

In the ancient Chinese medical text  - Huangdi Neijing ( 黃帝內經 ), literally the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor or Esoteric Scripture of the Yellow Emperor. It has recorded:

"In spring, the natural world is resuscitating and all things are flourishing. People may sleep late in the night and get up early in the morning, taking a walk in the courtyard with hair running free to relax the body and enliven the mind. Such a natural resuscitating process  should be activated instead of being inhibited, promoted instead of being deprived and encouraged instead of being destroyed. This is what adaptation to Spring-Qi means and this is the Tao / Dao principle for cultivation of health. Any violation of this rule may impair the liver and result in cold diseases in summer due to insufficient supply for growth in summer.

So, to keep our Liver in healthy balance when spring comes is a very important key to following nature's changes to the cultivation of health.

Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the liver and gallbladder, belong to the Wood element. The liver and gallbladder don’t like to be stuck, but rather to flow in a smooth and cathartic manner. Wood can smoothly grow lots of leaves and flowers, which matches the nature of the liver and gallbladder.

When the Wood element in our body is weakening, we need the support of the Water element to make it stronger. And Metal element energy also controls the balanced movement of energy in the Wood organs. If the Wood element is out of balance, such as having excessive energy, it can also weaken the Metal element organs, which could cause diseases of the Wood element organs, Metal element organs, and Earth element organs.

So, when spring comes, choose Water element teas ( Such as Wild Moonlight White Tea ) and Metal element teas ( Such as Wild Schizandra ) are the best choices to keep our Wood element organs - Liver and Gallbladder in healthy balance.

I have written another article for you explaining in more detail the relationship between wood elements and our bodies, and how to choose different types of teas and brew them correctly when spring comes to keep our bodies healthy, please read on for more content at - The Wood Element and Tea.

Heaven and Earth are in the move and also communicate with each other, and tens of thousands of things are unified under Tao / Dao. So, to follow Tao, follow nature's law, can help us not only keep the body in healthy balance, also can help help us to truly understand the universe. Today ( February 4th ) is the first day of spring in 2022, and I hope all tea lovers have a real wonderful start. 

In Good Tea

Shana Zhang

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