The Wood Element and Tea

February 20, 2021

The Wood Element and Tea

Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the liver and gallbladder, belong to the Wood element. The liver and gallbladder don’t like to be stuck, but rather to flow in a smooth and cathartic manner. Wood can smoothly grow lots of leaves and flowers, which matches the nature of the liver and gallbladder.

Wood Element(Wood Element)Wood Element Organs

The Wood element corresponds to the Spring season. In Spring, everything starts to grow, including our bodies. If we don’t keep the liver and gallbladder in healthy balance in Spring, our Qi (Chi/氣/Energy) will fall out of balance. Any violation of this rule may impair the liver and gallbladder, resulting in cold diseases in summer due to an insufficient supply of energy for growth.

Very often, when the Wood element has been negatively affected, people feel as if they aren’t in control of their emotions. They’re subject to fits of rage, smoldering anger, or brooding. When a person feels stressed and angry, this is also an indication that the Wood element is out of balance.

When the Wood element in our body is weakening, we need the support of the Water element to make it stronger. When Wood organs are in balance, they can also regulate the proper functioning of the Earth element organs.

Wood Element(Wood) -> Anger

Metal element energy also controls the balanced movement of energy in the Wood organs. If the Wood element is out of balance, such as having excessive energy, it can also weaken the Metal element organs, which could cause diseases of the Wood element organs, Metal element organs, and Earth element organs.

The Wood element relates to spring. When spring is coming, we should drink both Water element teas like Wild Artisan Moonlight White Tea or Ancient Artisan Moonlight White Tea, and Metal element herbs for our Wood organs.

When stress and anger grow too strong, we need to take some Metal herbs (for example, Wild Gynostemma or Wild Schizandra) to weaken Wood. Metal herbs can bring us happiness, relaxation, and positive energy, which are the best emotions for controlling stress and anger. 

At the same time, you also need to supplement with some Water element teas to keep Wood element organs in balance, and to prevent Metal from exerting excessive control over Wood.

So, to keep your Wood element organs, the liver and gallbladder, in healthy balance:

Like we mentioned above, the liver and gallbladder belong to the Wood element. The energy of these two organs moves just like Wood element. The liver and gallbladder don’t like to be stuck, but rather to be smooth and cathartic. Wood can smoothly grow lots of leaves and flowers, which matches the nature of the liver and gallbladder.

To work like Wood energy, we need to treat water as long flowing water when brewing teas. In ancient Chinese medical science, long flowing water is for opening the whole body to eliminate waste, flush the body clean, and cleanse the blood with smooth energy.

As discussed above, the Water element supports the Wood element, so Water element teas are always good for giving energy to Wood element organs. Ancient artisan moonlight white tea and Wild Artisan Moonlight White Tea is a typical white element tea. It’s been processed with the simplest and smoothest tea processing method. It receives little human influence during processing, and is always dried under shade and by a natural breeze, so it carries a very smooth, natural energy.

In spring, the weather is warming up. Everything starts growing, making it the season when our liver and gallbladder need to create lots of energy to support the ‘growing’ energy in our own bodies. In this season, we need the Water element teas to support our Wood element organs. We also need Metal element herbs like Wild Schizandra to regulate the smooth functioning of our Wood element organs.

In the Five Elements system, the Wood element always relates to the emotion of anger. If your Wood element organs aren’t in balance, especially when energy is excessive, it will also hurt your liver and gallbladder, possibly leading to liver cancer, skin problems, eye problems, anger, and so on. Happiness is a great emotion for controlling anger. The more happiness we feel, the less anger. To help increase happiness, take some Metal element herbs like wild gynostemma, which is a good herb for keeping your emotions warm, happy, and smooth.

Wood Element and Tea

You can check out one of our online tea courses called Ancient Chinese Science & Art of Brewing Tea, which shares with you how to correctly brew those teas in the right method for our organs based on ancient Chinese medical science of Five Element Tea theory.

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