2022 The Year of Water Tiger

January 30, 2022

2022 The Year of Water Tiger

The year 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and in the traditional 12 Chinese zodiac years, each zodiac sign has different properties for the five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. For example, the Year of the Tiger is also divided into the Year of the Metal Tiger, the Year of the Wooden Tiger, the Year of the Water Tiger, the Year of the Fire Tiger, and the Year of the Earth-Tiger. And 2022 happens to be the Year of the Water Tiger in the Chinese lunar year.

We all know that the tiger is live deep in the mountains, in the general situation, the tiger doesn't easy to come down from mountains, unless there is no food on the mountain, then they will come out mountains to searching food, this type of tiger is generally very hungry, so when tiger get out mountains, is a bad sign. For example, in the year of water tiger, when water tigers get out of the mountains, they will bring more water which will cause disaster to people. In addition, when the tiger gets out of the mountain will usually have strong winds, the Chinese saying: "clouds from the dragon, the wind from the tiger. " Therefore, in 2022, there will probably be not only floods but also wind damage.

Therefore, in traditional Chinese medicine, the health of the human body is always closely related to the changes in heaven and earth. According to the water tiger year may bring us weather disasters, what kind of impact will it bring to our body?

First of all, water and wind become the first two important factors we have to consider. In the theory of the five elements, wind corresponds to the wood element and is closely linked to our liver, while water is naturally the water element, which is related to cold and is closely linked to our kidneys. Therefore, it is very important to pay particular attention to protect our liver and kidneys in 2022.

I have elaborated many times in my five element tea theory on how to use different teas to protect us from different situations. You can read my articles The Wood Element and Tea and The Water Element and Tea  to find out the details of how to use different types of teas to protect our Wood element organ Liver and Water element organ kidneys. I believe it might able to help you more or less to keep your body in healthy balance in 2022.

Therefore, I would like to wish every tea lover of Wild Tea Qi a healthy and smooth 2022. Have a good Chinese New Year!

In Good Tea

Shana Zhang

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