How different teas are good for different kinds of people

August 01, 2017

How different teas are good for different kinds of people

Health conscious Chinese people believe that a person who always drinks tea can have better health and a longer life. Much modern research proves that tea is a great, natural healthy drink. Chinese tea contains vitamins, minerals, fluorine, and many other highly beneficial components that have benefits for the eyes, brain, kidneys, and many other organs and parts of the body.


1. For peoples with weakness in their body or weak Qi, Red Tea otherwise known as Black Tea is adequate for them. Adding some type of natural sugar and soy milk, rice milk or cow’s milk can let them increase energy and absorb more nutrients.

2. For teens as they are in their growth period, green tea is adequate for them. Green Tea is associated with the element of Wood which is associated with the Spring season as Spring fosters growth.

3. For women at the time before and after menstruation, or in climacteric are easy to become angry and frustrated. They should drink flower teas which has benefits for the liver. In Chinese Medicine liver is associated with the emotion of anger. Drinking many kinds of flower teas can calm their hot temper as it works on balancing the liver.

4. People who are obese can benefit from drinking Oolong tea or Black tea , especially Pu-erh Tea has been studied greatly for it’s weight loss effects as it speeds up the metabolism. Pu-erh tea that has been fermented or “cooked” has a different effect as it warms the stomach along with having beneficial bacteria thereby promoting digestion. In addition it balances blood sugar levels. Raw Pu erh otherwise known as “green” Pu-erh speeds the metabolism up as well thereby aiding in weight loss.

5. People who want to have a focused mind or a top notch athletic body for example, drivers, athletes, soldiers, analysts, etc. should drink green tea. It is has a variety of well documented benefits for the brain including improving reference memory, working memory related to learning, circulation to the brain, and much more. For athletes it is anti-oxidant rich and can counter the effects of resistance exercise by reducing the amounts of oxidative stress.

6. For diabetics the level of blood sugar in diabetic’s body is typically higher than standard level. Diabetics usually feel thirsty and weak. Research proves that drinking tea can lower the blood sugar levels. It can also quench thirst, and increase physical strength. Diabetics should drink green tea as well as Fermented Pu-erh tea. The amount of tea drunk everyday can be a little bit higher than the average person. It is suggested that they eat some pumpkin or squash when drinking tea to soothe the stomach.

7. For people with heart disease and a heartbeat that is too quick, or whose heart/kidney are not well functioning, could benefit by drinking a lighter tea such as white tea. Moreover, the amount drank shouldn’t be too high. People with too slow heartbeat or high blood pressure, should always drink high quality green tea as tt can accelerate  blood circulation, lower the level of cholesterol as well as lower blood coagulation.

8. For people with stomach diseases such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, and or stomach hemorrhage should drink lighter teas. Add some natural sugar, soy milk, rice milk and or cow’s milk to your black tea 2 hours after taking medicine. This can help to eliminate inflammation and protect the gastric mucous membrane.

9. For pregnant women and children,  should drink lighter tea. It provide minerals and nutrients like potassium, zinc for them. In additions, children that drink tea can improve digestion.

*Of course in all cases you should consult your doctor before drinking tea with any medical condition. None of these claims are made by the FDA.

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