How to keep your inherent nature?

January 05, 2020

How to keep your inherent nature?

"Man are born quiet, which is our inherent nature. Their being forced to act due to the influence of external things does harm to the inherent nature. After likes and dislikes occur, the spirit will be tempted by external things, and therefore cannot return to its original state. As a result, the inherent nature will be neglected. Hence, a man in possession of Tao will not change his inherent nature due to anybody or anything. He just reacts to external things, and keep his innermost true feeling. Persuing the supreme state of governing by non-interference, man's desires and wishes can be satisfied."

- Wild Tea Qi's Belief

Nowadays, we can easily make different types of tea, but most teas are just like a very normal or not very good at painting, tasting too real to be true. People add different chemical essences into teas to give them a specific flavor. It tastes so real, but it’s not tea at all. You are just imbibing different essences. Bad tea is like a bad painting. There is no opportunity to follow a natural path, resulting in people developing diseases. The best tea is not machine-made and is without essences.

The best ones are pure teas that come from nature and are made by pure handcraft using only traditional methods and without any additional modern techniques.

These types of teas offer real “chances.” When you taste them, their taste is unique and not quite like any other. It might bring up deep memories or feelings. Really great tea gives your mind and body the opportunity for spiritual growth.

Tomorrow is a mystery, the new year is a mystery, no matter what's going to happen, we want to help you keep your innermost true feeling. Whether a person is happy or not or not does not lie in wealth, but gaining peace in the heart.

This is why so important to follow your feeling to choose the right tea for yourself.

• Shop True Artisanal Teas and Follow Your True Feeling.

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