Keep Your Body Cool in The Summer With The Wood Element Tea

August 24, 2020

Keep Your Body Cool in The Summer With The Wood Element Tea

According traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the heart and small intestine, belong to the Fire element. The heart and small intestine can promote blood circulation and bring energy to the whole body. This energy is the energy necessary for life, and it works exactly the same way as fire. 

The Fire element corresponds with summer. Summer is a period of prosperity. In traditional Chinese medical theory, Heaven Qi and Earth Qi have converged, and all things are in blossom in summer. People should go to bed late at night and get up early in the morning, avoiding any confrontation with the heat of daytime and anxiety in life, and try to enjoy themselves, enabling Qi to flow smoothly. Such an attitude toward life in summer is the outward manifestation of a cheerful state of mind. This adaptation to the Qi of summer is a Taoist principle for the cultivation of health. Violation of this rule may impair the heart and small intestine, resulting in malaria in autumn and severe disease in winter due to insufficient supply of energy to maintain astringency in autumn, which follows summer in the cycle of the seasons.

(Fire) -> Summer

Very often, when the Fire element has been negatively affected, people feel as if they aren’t in control of their emotions, and they’re subject to overexcitement. When a person overreacts with excitement, this is also an indication that the Fire element is out of balance. Here, I’ll use the word ‘joy’, which can be understood as the equivalent of happiness. When the Fire element is out of balance and there’s excessive joy, this situation could also hurt the body. For example, some people like gambling too much. When they win lots of money, they may be overly happy, leading to heart disease. A Taoist principle for the cultivation of health is that it’s essential to follow the natural course of events without getting overly excited about things you perceive as being “good” occurrences. Keeping emotions in balance is essential for our health.

(Fire) Over-excitement

When the Fire element in our body weakens, we need the support of the Wood element to make it stronger. When Fire element organs are in balance, they can also control the proper functioning of the Metal element organs. Water element energy also governs the flow of energy in Fire organs. If the Fire element is out of balance or has excessive energy, it can also weaken the Water element organs, possibly causing diseases of the Fire element organs, Metal element organs, and Water element organs.

The Fire element relates to summer. When summer is coming, we should drink both Wood and Water element teas to keep our Fire element organs in balance.

When our excitement grows to excess, we need to drink Water element teas to weaken Fire. Water element teas help us calm emotions of overexcitement.

At the same time, you also need to supplement with some Wood element teas (Like Ancient Artisan Baked Heart Green Tea) to keep the Fire element organs in balance and prevent the Water element from having too much control over Fire.

As mentioned above, the heart and small intestine belong to the Fire element. The Fire element corresponds to the summer season. This season is the period of everything growing in prosperity. Even diseases can grow very strong in this period. For example, in summer, heat stroke and heart disease are very common problems. In traditional Chinese medical theory, it’s recorded that swirling water can usually only be found at a riverbend where there’s an undertows. In traditional Chinese medicine, this type of water can help stop vomiting and can cool down fevers and overheating.

So to help Fire element organs maintain good health, we should use the swirling water method when brewing teas in order to keep our Fire element organs in balance.

As previously discussed, the Wood element supports the Fire element, so Wood element teas (Like Rattan Qi Tea - Ancient Tea Tree Artisanal Raw Puer TeaWild Gynostemma Herbal Tea) are always good for giving energy to Fire element organs. Green tea and raw puer tea are the typical Wood element teas. They have traditionally been used to improve heart disease, lower blood pressure, and clear bad breath. These diseases are all related to the energy of Fire element organs being imbalanced.

In the Five Elements system, Fire is associated with summer. If we violate rules around Fire, we may impair the heart and small intestine. Taking Wood element teas like green tea or raw puer tea to support the Fire element is important for maintaining health in summer.

In the Five Elements system, the Fire element is always associated with emotions of excitement and joy. If your fire element organs aren’t in balance, it will not only harm the heart and small intestine, but will also cause us to react to things with excessive excitement. Calm is the best emotion to counter excitement. Keeping our emotions at a calm level is key to being healthy. White tea is always the best choice to help us stay calm. Drinking calming teas (Like Ancient Artisan Moonlight White Tea & Wild Artisan Moonlight White Tea) will help calm you, and can aid in creating positive thoughts and affirmations like this one, which may contribute to stress-free health.

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