Meet a Modern Day Tea Farmers Collective

July 07, 2014

Meet a Modern Day Tea Farmers Collective

Deep in the majestic mountains of Wuyishan live a small village of artisan tea farmers, a modern day tea farmers collective.  The whole village is a part of the collective. I first met these beautiful people when my I Ching master brought me there to show me an amazing wild tea tree forest.  The farmer’s livelihood are Wuyi Mountain Oolong and Black teas. This is a rare village in where the profits are divided equally amongst the group, which is the Fairest of Trade. They are like a big family as their village is less than 50 people, has a courtyard in the center and surrounded by beautiful mountains.

I have seen several tea farmers collectives, but none like this before. The houses are all clean and good condition with organic vegetables growing all around. When I went there for the first time their village made me a huge meal of wild mushrooms, village chicken and beautiful green vegetables. The food was incredibly delicious. The village is made up of a small group of nicely built houses that has a beautiful courtyard in the center. Everyone’s houses are very clean. The whole village is very warm and inviting. The village is very tightly knit so the whole family likes to do everything together. When the children are not in school they like to accompany their parents to learn the art of picking tea and processing it. It is an art they pass down to generation after generation.

Since I first started buying teas from them about 4 years ago, their prices seem to rise steadily as the demand in China for their teas has skyrocketed. Their teas are exquisite, some of the best I have seen come out of Wuyishan. In addition they have very rare, wild teas they harvest from a bamboo forest like the Wild Rock Oolong (Da Hong Pao) . They have a rare, wild, ancient tea tree forest that has been harvested for generations. I have since brought tour groups out there to meet this incredible village and see their amazing wild tea tree plantations.  We made a great video of the Wuyi Tea Farmers Collective on our Youtube channel: wildteaqi

Other teas by the Wuyi Tea Farmers Collective:

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