NEW Chinese Medicine Artisan Tea Blends Will Change the Way You Drink Blended Tea

September 26, 2014

NEW Chinese Medicine Artisan Tea Blends Will Change the Way You Drink Blended Tea

For a long time I cringed when I saw all the blended tea out there. I knew the kind of synthetic chemical binding agents used to keep the blends together was really harmful to all the unknowing tea drinkers. To add to the toxic mix they use chemical fragrances to “enhance” the flavor and taste. I find this a true disservice to the public’s health which was why I refused to do a tea blend for a long time.

“Most tea blends on the market a toxic brew of

synthetic binding agents and chemical fragrances”

I had on my own played with our own artisinal teas combining Chrysanthemum flowers and our Ancient Phoenix Mountain Puer to create a tasty tea blend. I still was not satisfied which was when I came up with something that I knew no one else had been doing in the west. Shana and I decided to use traditional Chinese Medicine Blends with teas. These recipes are ancient Chinese secrets that few in the west know about today. Coming up with them was a lot of fun and the health benefits are huge. What I am so proud of is we can offer a blended tea FREE of synthetic binding agents, and NO chemical fragrances. Everything is 100% natural.

A Blended Tea To Address Common Health Issues with Most People

We took common issues that people struggle with such as insomnia and created a blend called Sleep Well Longevity Tea that is a blend of our very own Wild Gynostemma and Chinese Red Dates. Many people in today’s society are suffering from digestive problems so we came up with several blends to address that. One of my favorite is our Stomach Ease Green Rose Tea Blend. It is made with our wildly popular Ancient Artisan Bi Luo Chun green tea and the finest rose buds we could find creating and exquisite combination.

Artisan Packaging and Eco-T-Bags

Shana’s father is an amazing traditional Chinese artist whose scrolls sell for a small fortune in China. We decided to use his
paintings for the cover of our packaging. Adding to the artisinal feel. If that is not enough we pack our blends inside 100% natural eco-bags. Each eco-bag contains our exclusive our delicious, fine artisanal Wild Tea Qi teas you have grown to love blended with top quality Chinese Medicine herbs. These special blends are ancient secrets to health and longevity. Check each blend’s benefits to find the right blend for you! Unlike most tea blends on the market, ours contain no artificial additives, essences, binders or sweeteners upholding our commitment to you for a pure and natural tea!


Check out our Herbal and Tonic Section of our website to find more exotic blends that you won’t find anywhere else!

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