Puer and Rishi Mushroom Chicken Soup

September 25, 2014

Puer and Rishi Mushroom Chicken Soup

* Rishi mushroom 5 medium size pieces
* Bamboo shoots or stalk 3~4 medium size pieces
* Organic chicken leg 1 (8oz)
* Goji Berry 3~4g
* Wild Tea Qi Award Winning Puer Ball 1 (8g)
* Sea salt
* Coconut oil (optional)

* Soak rishi mushrooms and bamboo shoots until soft then cut into proper size.
* Make Wild Tea Qi Award winning Ancient Phoenix Puer Tea ball 8g or 2 Large Discs, with 400cc boiling water, strain tea after 4 minutes.
* Combine rishi mushrooms, bamboo shoots, chicken leg and Puer tea into saucepan, add 400cc water and cook until water comes to a boil.
* Season to taste and ready to serve

~Shana’s Experience
This is the way we made tradition Chinese chicken soup, the point is to retain the original essence!
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we usually refer to the yin and the yang principle. Sometimes we can also refer to Yang as hot, fire and Yin as water and cooling. The body’s Yin and Yang must be kept in balance. We consider the summertime Yang and so it is easy for the body’s balance to gain Yang imbalances. The hot weather makes it easy to sweat causing the body’s blood becomes thinner or weaker. Therefore in Traditional Chinese Medicine during these times it is suggested that you up your protein intake in order to correct to bring balance to your body’s Yin and Yang as with we TCM believes in adjusting your diet to the seasons.
The soup we are cooking here is a super nourishing, medicinal recipe of Wild Tea Qi Ancient Phoenix Organic Fermented Puer Tea, organic chicken (on the bone), rishi mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and goji berries.
This soup has a variety of health benefits such as boosting the immune system, boosting your Qi, nourishing the liver and kidneys, anti-aging, regulating blood sugar, and is known to have anti-cancer benefits. In addition, it will warm the body and is safe for diabetics. The chicken is rich in protein and amino acids. The mushrooms benefit the liver, kidney, spleen and stomach as well as boost the immune system. Rishi mushrooms can clear phlegm and can have a detoxifying effect. Goji berries are powerful immune system builders; nourish the body’s Qi, as well as the liver and kidney function. They are also anti-aging, and warming for the body.
Bamboo shoots are soothing for the stomach, contain fiber and make a nice taste!
The last ingredient is the most critical which is Wild Tea Qi’s award winning Ancient Phoenix Fermented Puer Tea. Using a typical Puer will not work, as the flavor of this Puer tea has a rich, thick taste which will really affect the taste and texture of this soup. This Puer tea has a variety of health benefits such as improve digestion as it is rich in beneficial bacteria as it is fermented. It is also rich in vitamin C, regulate blood sugar and aid in weight loss.

The Puer tea when combined with the chicken can help reduce the fat and grease of the chicken naturally. Cook the soup on a low heat, allowing to cook slowly.
All the ingredients are essential, the Puer for the thick, rich taste, the chicken for not only the protein, but also cooking with the bone in will add to the rich flavor. The rishi mushroom offer a forest rich, taste, the goji berries add a slight sweetness and the bamboo shoots offer a light crunch, making a perfect summer soup. Enjoy!
In good tea,

Shana T. Cook

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