Something You Didn't Know About Chinese New Year

January 13, 2020

Something You Didn't Know About Chinese New Year

Today, we're still trying to figure out how the universe came from?

But over 2000 years ago, the ancient Chinese already had a clear recording:

"Before Heaven and Earth take shape, it is in a state of Chaos, so it is addressed as Da Zhao. Tao derives from Xu Kuo (referring to the state of not-being), Xu Kuo produces the universe, and the universe generates Qi. Qi is of some quality and shape. The clear and light part forms Heaven, and the turbid and heavy part forms Earth. It is easy for the clear and light part to cohere together, but difficult for the turbid and heavy part to agglomerate. So Heaven takes shape first before Earth does. The inherited spirit of Heaven and Earth turns into Yin and Yang; the pure spirit of Yin and Yang forms the Four Seasons; and the scattered spirit of the Four Seasons becomes the myriad things. The hot vitality of Yang accumulates, and as a result, generates fire, and the purest spirit of fire is the Sun; the cold vitality of Yin accumulates, and as a result, generates water, and the purest spirit of water is the Moon. The excessive spirit of the Sun and the Moon turns into stars and other celestial bodies. Heaven contains the Sun, the Moon, stars and other celestial bodies, and Earth carries mountains, rivers, and dust.

The Sun is the supervisor of Yang, so animals moult during spring and summer and elk shed their horns both at the Winter Solstice and at the Summer Solstice. The Moon is the supervisor of Yin, so, the brain of fish reduces when the Moon starts to wane, and during the last days of each month, the flesh of clams become very thin.

The handle of Big Dipper passes over one degree each day, and fifteen days form a solar period, and fifteen days form a solar period, and thus to constitute the climate changes of the 24 solar periods.

When the handle of Big Dipper points to the Tug of Bao Wei (报德之维), and at that time, Yin disperses on the ground. So, it is said that forty-six days after the Winter Solstice is the beginning of Spring. 

The beginning of Spring is also the start of the new year, so the Chinese New Year also meaning the start of the spring - Spring Festival. 

Not only spring started on this day, also has much deeper things are happening:

Heaven has nine layers, therefore, a human being has nine apertures; Heaven has four seasons to manipulate the twelve months, therefore, a human being has four limbs to operate the twelve main collateral channels; Heaven has twelve months to manipulate the three hundred and sixty days, therefore, a human beings has twelve main collateral channels to operate the three hundred and sixty inferior collateral channels. Hence, people acting against the will of heaven will endanger their own lives.

In 'Yellow Emperor's Canon' it has recorded:

"In the three months of spring, all things on the earth begin to grow. The natural world is resuscitating and all things are flourishing. People may sleep late in the night and get up early in the morning, taking a walk in the courtyard with hair running free to relax the body and enliven the mind. Such a natural resuscitating process should be activated instead of being inhibited, promoted instead of being deprived and encouraged instead of being destroyed. This is what adaptation to ChunQi (Spring-Qi) means and this is the Tao (the principal) for the cultivation of health. Any violation of this rule may impair the liver and result in cold diseases in Summer insufficient supply for growth in summer."

In 5 Element theory:

The spring relates to the Wood element. In the natural system, the wood element relates to sour taste, the sour taste nourishes the liver, the blood stored in the liver nourishes the sinews, the sinews nourish the heart and the liver controls the eyes. Such mysterious variation appears as Xuan玄 (abstruseness) in the heavens, Tao in human beings and transformation in the earth. The transforming process produces the five flavors, the Tao enables human beings to become intelligent and the Xuan玄 (abstruseness) in the heavens brings about Shen (changes of things in the natural world).

So in the spring season, focus on nourish Liver and try to find any food or teas can nourish the Wood element (Liver belong to Wood), find the food taste even have five flavors like Wild Schisandra Berry is an important key to keep your body in healthy balance in Spring Season.

Since you already know now - Heaven pertains to Yang while the earth to Yin and the earth to Yin and the sun belongs to Yang while the moon to Yin. Altogether the long and short months amount to 360 days that make up one year.  The human body also corresponds to all these conditions.

Now you understand why the Chinese have a special new year different than any other country. Follow the nature, for the nature rule, so that humans can keep life in longevity, that's the ancient Chinese living principle. This is why we celebrate the Spring festival!

Be Healthy, Be Sustainability, Be Happy!

Happy Chinese New Year!

In Good Tea

Shana Zhang

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