8 Reasons to Drink Ancient Tea Tree Tea

July 18, 2017

8 Reasons to Drink Ancient Tea Tree Tea

Learning About Ancient Tea Tree Tea

Since there are so many varieties of tea, we have the freedom choose whatever we want – whenever we want it – so drinking tea never gets boring. However, just because we can drink a tea, doesn’t always mean we should. For it is well known that many teas from China contain dangerous pesticides, and this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of problems. Throughout China, environmental pollution is a massive problem. When you add all the pollutants to the pesticides it compounds the problem.

Ancient Tea Tree Tea, however, if sourced correctly, is the best hack to both enjoy your favorite teas, as well as drink safely and protect the environment.

The Benefits of the Ancient Chinese Tea Tree Plant

The ancient tea tree plant used to make Tea Tree Tea should not be confused with the Australian tree used to create Tea Tree Oils. This tea is derived from a tree in China that is over 150 years old. The leaves must be carefully plucked according to ancient tradition.

The Tea Tree plant settles your stomach as the rich, thick liquor can coat the inside. Puer is rich in beneficial bacteria which significantly aids digestion and is relaxing for the stomach. Puer also typically has double the vitamin C of raw puer which happens during the cooking process. It is thought to also reduce clogging of the arteries due to eating fatty foods

The Pesticide Free Tea Tree Plant

Pesticides are nasty little chemicals that make their way into fruit, vegetables, and plants. Though there is a legal amount that can be present in your food, pesticides have been linked to long term health problems like cancer and hormone disruption.

It’s actually illegal for pesticides to be present, or anywhere near the ancient Tea Trees in China, because it can harm the 150 year old trees. As a result, our handcrafted Tea Tree Tea is 100% free of pesticides.

A Tea that Preserves History and the Environment

  • Ancient tea tree teas have been growing for over hundreds and even thousands of years. Their roots grow deeper and stronger than any other type of tea tree. They usually grow in bio-diverse environments that act as a protective barrier to the tea trees. Since these areas are not being farmed in a traditional sense, there has never been an incentive for anyone to use pesticides in what is otherwise simply just a forest.
  • Ancient tea trees are not blended with other teas so you can guarantee the quality of your tea. Many other teas are blended with cheaper tea to gain the quantity needed for large sales at low prices.
  • Many ancient tea trees grow deep in the mountains with very undeveloped roads making it quite difficult for the average person to carry pesticides all the way there.
  • Pesticides damage and can kill ancient tea trees, they cannot handle them like other commercially grown tea trees. So, when you consume tea from an ancient tea tree, you are consuming the purest tea in existence.
  • The Yunnan government passed a law that banned the use of pesticides on ancient tea trees.
  • The ancient tea trees grow in an environment where they can absorb much more nutrients from the soil, thus supplying your body with more essential elements.
  • Ancient tea tree teas have a much more complex taste and flavor than any other tea and usually can be brewed many more times than a commercially grown tea. Your tea purchase is an investment that will last you a good long time.
  • Ancient tea tree tea can be stored for long periods of time and like stocks can go up in value over time. It is a form of investment for many Chinese.

Your Source for Tea Tree Tea

Right now Wild Tea Qi is offering a unique Ancient Tea Tree Tea limited edition teas. In 2017 We are offering a limited amount of cakes of Tea Tree Tea, hand rolled and roasted in a wok over wood fire giving it the true artisanal taste. This is exclusive to Wild Tea Qi tea and is not available anywhere else.

Those are lovely teas that can be aged and the flavors will change over time. The health benefits increase and it is a wonderful investment.

Gotta run, time for me to brew a pot of Ancient Moonlight White Tea and Ancient Phoenix Break-Away Bar Fermented Puer Tea which are some of my favorites!

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