The Hidden Powers of Wild Rainforest Dendrobium Flower Tea

July 19, 2017

The Hidden Powers of Wild Rainforest Dendrobium Flower Tea

Tired sitting in front of a computer today was the cause of fatigue that brought with it dizziness and back pain. It is now nighttime and I think of those who, like me, are burning the midnight oil. Hard-working people in this moment, but in the end how to relax and unwind? I turned to look at the cabinet of my own tea collection, and was greeted by Wild Rainforest Dendrobium Flowers. Tonight I want to enjoy the night, relax, slow down from this busy day and enjoy this peaceful night.
Wild Rainforest Dendrobium Flowers are very easy to brew in a simple glass cup. Tonight, I used my EZ-Cup as it is the easiest, most simple way I know to brew a good cup of tea. Into it, I poured water that was just under boiling, and looked on as I watched these bright, beautiful flowers unfold in my cup. This warm yellow treasure of a brew eased my nerves into a relaxing state, left my mind at ease as I zoned out to the soothing sound of the crickets as the sun set gently over the horizon.
Wild Rainforest Dendrobium Flowers are native to the southwest of Yunnan, China, Malaysia, India, and Myanmar (Burma). Growing at elevations up to 5,300+ feet (1620m) above sea level, it grows out of the rocks in thick forests. The bright, yellow flowers are small and very endearing. Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic book says “Dendrobium Flowers enjoy the aura of heaven and earth, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon”. Dendrobium Flowers are very finicky. They need warm and humid conditions that rainforests provide and cannot grow in ordinary soil making this flower a rare treasure.
The golden yellow flowers are so delicate that they can only be dried naturally by sunlight. This help retains the orchid’s color and maximizes the retention of the a orchid’s-rich enzymes. Simply brew with water or make soup, and watch the golden flowers blossom in front of your eyes. Not only is it drinkable, but also edible. The Chinese have used it as a powerful natural medicine to achieve the effect of qi circulation, improve blood flow, improve the beauty of their skin, calm the heart, soothe the nerves, soothe the stomach and achieve overall good health. These Flowers are rich in polysaccharides, alkaloids, a variety of essential trace elements and amino acids, in addition to ketones, esters, phenols, and more. Chinese have also used it as an anti-cancer treatment that improves the immune system, and also the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, anti-aging, as it is high in antioxidants, lowers blood sugar and has been used in the treatment of cataracts.
Ah, as I slip back into my chair, none of this really matters to me as all I want to do now is fade into the tranquility of the night with my warm cup of tea clasped in my hands.


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