Wild Tea Hunter’s Tea Book

July 19, 2017

Wild Tea Hunter’s Tea Book

I am happy to announce that we have released my new wild tea book, Wild Tea Hunter.  It is the most wild book on tea you’ll ever read! Join me, JT Hunter an aspiring American tea hunter (founder of Wild Tea Qi) on my tea hunting expeditions to find China’s ancient and wild tea trees. Find out for the first time the harsh truths behind big tea business and follow me on my journey to meet the last true tea artisans in this exciting new tea book. From the Wild Tea Hunter’s Tea Book, Learn about a secret Taoist tea culture that aligns tea plants with star constellations. Delve into the spiritual tea culture of the Hani hill tribe that reveres ancient tea trees as sacred spirits of divine protection. Get the controversial insider’s story on the tea industry. Read for the first time in print (or on Kindle) the fallacies of Fair Trade and Organic Certification, and the gap between the theory and realities of forest protection. Discover how wild and ancient tea trees contain a multiple of the nutrients of standard farmed tea and be introduced to the unique energetic qualities found only in the tea trees in the wild. Learn how you can prevent further destruction of the environment by drinking BiodiversiTEA.  Tea lover, traveller, environmentalist or anyone who likes a cup now and again, this tea book will forever change your understanding and appreciation of tea.

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“It is the most wild book on tea you’ll ever read!”

It took me about 4 years of  traveling throughout China, going where no foreigner has gone before to write this book. I delve into subjects some people do not want to talk about, but are crucial for the evolution of tea culture and tea business. What was the most fun to me was to share the beautiful experiences of studying with the different spiritual tea cultures of China. It was a mysterious and rich experience that I believe is the first time anyone has shared so in depth. I filled the book with tons of gorgeous pictures of places I have been, experiences I have had and amazing tea artisans I have met all on my tea hunting adventures.

One section any aspiring tea hunter will love is my Professional Tea Hunter’s Guide to Tea Hunting that I put in near the end of the book. It explains all the potential pitfalls to watch out for and what to expect on what could be a roller coaster ride as you hunt for tea in big China.

Read the book and tell me what you think!

Here is a look at the back cover:

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