Wild Tea Qi Samplers

October 01, 2016

Wild Tea Qi Samplers

With Wild Tea Qi Samplers, we offer you the opportunity to try out our best selection of award wining, organic, artisan, wild teas and ancient teas, The best quality in the market. All of our teas are expertly and only handpicked and processed. We never buy mass produced machine cut teas. All of our teas are made by hand with care and tea making traditions often times passed down for generations.

Award Winning Tea Sampler Set
Taste our Very Best Teas, all of them won awards in teas competitions. You can get it here.

Wild Tea Sampler
Sample 5 of our Wild Teas pre-packed in our eco-friendly kraft box. It is a great introduction into the exciting world of wild teas. You can get it here.

Dragon Green Tea Sampler Set
Sample some of the finest green teas anywhere, exclusively offered by Wild Tea Qi.You can get it here.

White Cloud White Tea Sampler Set
Silky white, wild white, and pure organic, Wild Tea Qi does it right with 5 primo white teas that will make you rethink what white tea really is. You can get it here.

Tea Hunter’s Sampler Set
Many people ask what does JT Hunter recommend from his tea hunting expeditions. Naturally he loves all the teas he has carefully chosen, but if you want five teas to start with he suggests these for the wild hearted tea drinker who wants to experience the teas that JT Hunter comes across in his wild treks across China. You can get it here.

Wuyi Qi Oolong Sampler Set
Sample the finest Oolongs that Wuyi Mountain has to offer, straight from the tea hunter to your doorstep.You can get it here.

Herbal Qi Sampler Set
Taste some of Wild Tea Qi’s finest herbal teas with a focus on health and longevity you can’t go wrong with these teas.You can get it here.

For Teas are not available online, you can contact us to get it especially for yourself: info@wildteaqi.com 


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