Introducing The Tea Bank

August 03, 2017

Introducing The Tea Bank

Many people are now investing in different kinds of assets. Some people invest crypto currency, others invest in real estate, but now you can invest in tea and store it in our tea bank. Tea banking has been going on for centuries within China, but now we have made it accessible internationally and on the web.

There are certain types of tea that can be aged such as Puer, certain ancient tea tree white teas, ancient tea tree black teas. Teas you cannot age are green teas, standard black teas, certain oolongs and more. When you age the teas that can be aged, they often times go up in value like an investment just like wine.

Crucial Element of Tea Banking: Proper Storage

If you are going to age teas, you must have proper storage. This is paramount. If your storage area fluctuates in temperature, is too humid, has too much light, or even has a little mold, your investment could go down the drain. I learned the hard way when I was in Bali, Indonesia. I brought a bunch of my best teas to age. I thought I could store them in a drier room of the house. I even double bagged them, put silica bags inside the bags to keep them dry but my teas would often go moldy. The ones that did not go moldy seemed to have diminished flavors. I realized I could not keep any teas there for more than one year.

The Perfect Place to Store and Age Tea

Many tea purveyors and companies looked for the best places to store their tea. One of the most well-known if not the most well-known place to store tea is Kunming which is in Yunnan Province of China. Known as the “eternal spring city” Kunming is the perfect place to store tea. The temperature is quite stable and it is a dry environment. It is at an elevation of over 6200+ feet (1800+ meters high). We already stored our own personal teas here for years with great success. We thought, why not let our friends and family store their teas with us? Why not let anyone who purchases our teas store their teas with us? Kunming is where we have had our tea company for over 8 years and why we chose to open our tea bank here.  

If you are interested in purchasing teas for storage in our tea bank please Click here: Store Tea For Me.

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