Poor People Can't Afford To Buy Cheap Tea!

March 30, 2021

Poor People Can't Afford To Buy Cheap Tea!

In our lives, many of the things we buy may be optional, some things bought to use once or twice to throw away, most of the time, we have to repeat the purchase of many things, but can be broadly divided into two kinds: one type of thing is bought to use, another type of thing is bought to drink and eat.

Tea, as a drink, now I want to share my opinion on why poor people can't afford to buy cheap tea!

In every aspect of our life, every day we are faced with many choices, choosing the right person, choosing the right job, choosing good quality things, choosing what kind of life is always in our hands in a moment of choice, when there are too many choices, we almost forget the accurate method how to choose the right thing, often lose rational thinking to choose some wrong decisions, thus causing an immeasurable impact on every aspect of our life.

My mother taught me from a young age that the two most important things in life are to constantly improve your physical and spiritual qualities, and that the physical and spiritual are closely linked, and that no matter how either one develops, it will directly affect the development of the other. That is to say, a healthy body will naturally bring us good spirit, and conversely, an unhealthy body will also bring our spirit to decay.

And our body's health or not, in addition to water and air, the most direct impact is whether you take healthy food. You must understand one simple truth: the kind of food you drink and eat will determine the kind of person you become.

This may sound a bit radical, but the truth is that if we really don't care whether the substances we ingest into our bodies are healthy or not, over time, the toxins from the various ingested unhealthy foods deposited in our bodies will cause irreversible damage to our bodies over the course of time. A very simple example, if you eat the cheapest hamburger every day, maybe you fill up your stomach with the least amount of money in a short period of time, but in the long run, you will absolutely become a diabetic who must rely on insulin and various expensive drugs to stay alive. 

So, now let's take a look at the tea industry. If you are a tea drinker. I would say that then your options are really endless. When one has too many choices, one is likely to get lost, and eventually, based on human nature, we really just like to simplify the complex, then we start to narrow down the choices on our own: to choose between cheap or not, is often the decision most people end up with. However, simply making a choice of tea products based on price is cheap or not, in my opinion, it's not a wise move.

First let's see if the cheap tea you buy is really cheap and worth buying.

In large and small tea stores, regardless of online or offline, most businesses may more or less sell some tea that looks similar in appearance, but the price varies widely, and in some cases, you may even find some tea that is not only cheap but also rich in aroma, so the average people choosing tea, in addition to the price, is to make a decision according to whether they like the taste.

However, the saddest thing is that, because there are many tea companies is precise to seize these two weaknesses of human nature: greed for cheap, focus on sensory stimulation, thus making for the public in addition to countless "both cheap and tasty tea".

I spent about a year writing my book - Tea Poison, trying to show you from an "insider's" point of view where a cup of tea that looks cheap and tasty comes from, and what kind of effect it has on each of our bodies, if you are interested, you can take it a look.

Also, I would like to share a few of my own principles and methods on how to find good tea.

  1. If you really want to drink tea that is good for your body, first of all, I think you have to find some reliable tea people who can truly show you every single detail of where their tea is grown, how they picked and made. Only when you find a sincere tea person can you find a really good tea. Personally, I am against mechanical tea making, only human hands can correctly perceive the thickness of each tea leaf, in order to make the most perfect tea according to different seasons, different weather, and growth conditions according to the perception of human hands. The machine is always just a procedure to process the tea leaves as if it is a substance without spirituality, which is the biggest disrespect to nature.
  2. Many tea companies just keep selling tea as a commodity and cannot guarantee the kind of people from whom the tea is produced. Perhaps in order to keep costs down, the tea has been blended through countless times from picking to processing and there is no way to guarantee where the original source is.
  3. if the tea from the large-scale planting of farms, not to mention whether they use pesticides and fertilizers, 99% of the large-scale planting of tea is through the genetic improvement of the variety, they are far from natural reproduction, most from the human laboratory of genetic modification, the main purpose, is to be able to mass production, to provide you with more and 'cheaper ' tea. You can find more details on how this works in my book - The Wild Truth of Tea.
  4. Tea grown under extensive artificial and mechanical management has, in my opinion, completely lost the spirituality of tea itself - the kind of rich nutritional value that tea grown in nature's biodiverse environment possesses.

If you check out my previous article -- Where your tea comes from? I am sure you will have a better understanding of this.

In my opinion, only in the tea trees that grow naturally in the biodiversity forest, and tea picked from such wild or ancient tea trees can be considered the healthiest tea worth buying, and only such tea, growing healthily and happily in the environment of nature, will have a healthy quality that is beneficial to the human body. At the same time, it takes a very experienced tea master to carefully make the tea in a traditional purely handmade way in order to be considered a highest quality tea that is truly beneficial to the human body.

Now, let's compare the difference between a cheap tea, and a tea that is a little expensive but in really good quality: 

With the increasing scarcity of natural resources, the disappearance of traditional handicrafts, and the many external environmental influences such as inflation and other issues, a purely wild or ancient tea tree teas grown truly in biodiversity forest and purely made by hand will undoubtedly never be able to compete in cost with those that have destroyed large areas of forest, mass planted and mechanized massive tea production.

However, as a tea drinker, choosing tea based solely on how cheap it is, will undoubtedly have a huge impact on their future cost of living.

A cup of cheap tea from a large factory or company made by from mass planted and mechanized massive tea production may only cost a few cents, while a cup of purely wild or ancient tea tree teas grown truly in biodiversity forest may cost a few dollars, but in fact many people do not realize that purely wild tea or ancient tea tree teas grown truly in biodiversity forest made by hand may be more expensive to buy, but cheaper to drink.

From the point of view of brewing tea, a cup of cheap tea from massive production, although the cost of a few cents, but only can be steeped once or twice, while a cup of purely wild tea or ancient tea tree teas which grown in biodiversity forest and pure handmade that can be steeped dozens of times, people found that only 6-8 grams dry tea leaves purely from wild or ancient tea tree grown truly in biodiversity forest and purely handmade, can be repeatedly brewed all day long with a constant and rich variation in flavor all the time. But 6-8gram of teabag tea, after steeped 1-2 times will not have any flavor anymore.

If you are interested, you can watch this video below, or check our online tea course - Ancient Chinese Science & Art of Brewing Tea, to learn how the traditional Chinese tea ceremony can be brewed in a way that can bring you a truly health benefits, and also the proper way can use to brew quality tea over and over again, which is the excellent method can really reduce the cost of your tea purchase:

 Let me summarize what the difference is between the short term and long term impact on your life if you drink cheap tea and slightly more expensive purely from wild or ancient tea tree grown truly in biodiversity forest and purely handmade: 

In the short term, you may have spent very little money for some cheap teas, such as teabag teas, or those of unknown origin teas. But in the long run, because of those cheap teas, it is simply impossible to brew them repeatedly, thus making you have to buy them repeatedly and consume them quickly, and these teas, may include heavy pesticide, genetically modified teas, large machinery manufacturing, the effects of heavy metals, etc., will cause immeasurable harm to your body after you buy and drink them repeatedly with a small amount of money, after many people drink those kind of teas for a long time, they are not drink out of health, but drink out of cancer.

By that time, you will be spending huge amounts of money to cure those terrible diseases, yet you don't even know that those terrible disease you got were actually come from that cheap cup of tea that you drink every day.

If you are also interested in learning what the difference is between a hand-made cup of tea and a machine-made cup of tea, please check out my other article - Robot or Artisan?

And as a website that follows the principle of providing only purely wild or ancient tea tree teas which grown in biodiversity forest and pure handmade by true tea artisans, all our tea also follows an important principle - only pick the tea leaves in spring every year, we don’t picking the tea leaves in other seasons, thus allowing our wild and ancient tea trees to get a good rest, at the same time, you should also know that only the tea leaves in spring are the most nutritional value, you can check another article for more details - Why Drinking Spring Tea is So Important?

Spring is coming in 2021, our wild and ancient tea trees are sprouting, and we are patiently waiting to make the best and healthiest tea in 2021. In the meantime, this is a rare opportunity to own our high quality teas for 2020 at a discounted price, and for this reason, we are offering a discount across the web as a thank you for your deep understanding and support of our wild and ancient tea tree biodiversity artisanal teas. The discount will last for one week only, (You don't need to do anything, the whole website automatically discounted) and after one week, our new teas for 2021 will be fully available, and prices may have to be adjusted due to global inflation. We hope you won't miss out on a quality tea that is good for your health. We are always trying to make our small efforts for the health of human beings and the sustainability of the earth. Please support us! 

Last, I would like to quote a Finnish proverb – “Poor people cannot afford cheap things”.

“Poor people cannot afford cheap things, and no one can afford the hit they take when they accept lesser quality for short term gain, whether it be through our consumption, the quality of our work, or how we allow ourselves to be treated. Do better, even when doing less might seem more feasible. You're worth it, both now and in the future.”- Wrote by Elan Morgan

- Shana Zhang

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