Thailand Tea School Opens

September 16, 2015 2 Comments

Thailand Tea School Opens

New Thailand Tea School Opens

We have just opened our new Thailand Tea School with our first event to be launched November 17.


History of Tea in Thailand

Back during the Communist Revolution in China there was a group of refugees from Yunnan Province who escaped into Burma and finally into northern Thailand where they were granted citizenship by the Thai King. With almost no money and just getting on their feet in a new land, they looked for ways to integrate and contribute to their new country.  Some of the groups that escaped into Taiwan had started tea plantations there growing what is now famous, Taiwan Oolong. Some of these groups, wanting to help their now Thai-Chinese counterparts brought their tea to them in northern Thailand and taught them how to grow and process oolongs. It was not long before they were also processing green teas, black teas and more. Now they have many plantations that grow organic and extremely delicious oolongs and other wonderful teas.

My Tea History in Thailand

After spending some time in this unique village in the mountains and getting to know some of the locals, I thought it might be a good idea to do a tea school here. Within a short period of time after that I met a wonderful woman from the village who her and her family also had the same idea. “Yuan Fen” as the Chinese say, which means destiny, brought us together. Now the tea school is finally finished and I am excited for our first Thailand International Tea Mastery Certification course to be offered there on November 17-21 2014 (this year)! Afterwards will be a 13 week take home study course to get the certification.

About the Thailand Tea School

It will be a 4 day course and we will be staying in a beautiful boutique hotel directly on the tea plantations. The tea school’s design is out of this world. We will actually be studying inside massive tea pots! (Check out some of the photos.) The Thailand Tea School is nestled deep in the mountains of northern Thailand in a village of all refugees from the Communist revolution. It is quite an experience. You will feel like you are in China itself, but even better.

On this trip there will a menu of tea dishes to tantalize your taste buds and open your mind to new ways of cooking with tea. We will be visiting tea plantations, tea farmers and even a tea university to get deeper insights and knowledge into the tea industry. If you are a tea lover or in the tea business this course is for you!

I hope to see you there in October!

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Wild Tea Qi
Wild Tea Qi

October 15, 2018

Dear Singh,
Thank you for your interest in our professional Tea Sommelier Training. Our 2018 training already fully booked. Please check our upcoming new training in 2019 and get more training details here:
Thank you!
Wild Tea Qi Team


October 15, 2018

warm hello

im intersting in Tea course and benefits of teas
from academy
would u give me details

_course month 2018


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