The 3 Major Ancient Tree Tea Benefits

July 19, 2017

The 3 Major Ancient Tree Tea Benefits

Recently, there has been more and more theorizing on the major benefits of ancient tree tea. Thus, increasingly more tea drinkers are turning towards ancient tree teas.

No doubt, one of the major ancient tree tea benefits is that they don’t need any pesticides or herbicides, as they have a natural repellant – pedigree. These trees have strong survival genes. In fact, if a farmer uses pesticides on the ancient tea trees it will eventually kill them, as they are super sensitive to anything unnatural. 

Currently there is a major corporate player in the tea business doing a three year research project on several of the wild and ancient tea trees I have sourced to test several theories. The theories are based off of several factors.

3 Theories of Research of Ancient Tree Tea Benefits

  1. The roots of ancient tea trees have a much more complex system of development and also they grow much deeper into the earth
  2. They grow in bio diverse environments where there are many other influences from other plants and the local ecology.
  3. Due to the fact that they grow in a bio diverse environment in often times undisturbed soils, the soil is much more rich than a standard mono-crop farmed tea.

This all leads to several conclusions: they contain higher levels of polyphenols (catechin/flavonoid, flavones, anthocyanin and phenolic acids) than standard farmed teas. They are also testing to find what other nutrients these teas have that other standard farmed teas do not. If the results are positive, they are going to seek a way to produce these teas on a large-scale level.

One of the most extraordinary ancient tea plantations I have seen lies on Jingmai and Mangjing Mountain. It’s tea trees spread out to cover over 11,000 acres of mountains. The ancient tea forest of this mountainous area lies about 5,000 feet above sea level and is constantly surrounded by mist. The soil and climate is rich making the perfect conditions for these ancient tea trees.  A local historian told me that tea cultivation began over 1,200 years ago and that many of the tea trees are over 1,000 plus years old. It is the largest ancient tea plantation ever found in China that is still producing tea today.

My favorite Ancient tea tree White Tea is Ancient Moonlight White. I have tried an ancient tree black tea, but the quantity was so scarce I could only buy enough for my own consumption. I love all of our ancient tree Puers for sure.

At Wild Tea Qi we have a variety of ancient tree tea to choose from. I also will be writing about this in much more detail in my new book, Wild Tea Hunter due out at in June at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.

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