Wild Tea Qi Named by National Press Distributors as the “Best Natural Tea Website”!

April 24, 2018

Wild Tea Qi Named by National Press Distributors as the “Best Natural Tea Website”!

We were happily surprised to be named as the best Natural Tea Website by national press distributorsWe came along way as our old website was seriously outdated, a little slow and even difficult to use. This inspired us to work hard to make a new website for our teas. Here we want to share with you how we came up with the idea of how to build this new website.

There are thousands of tea shops, teaware and all types of teas online, When we started building our website, we asked ourselves two important questions:

1.What’s the biggest difference between our teas and the other companies out there?

2. How can we convey the beautiful art of our teas and teaware on a website that keeps it fun and beautiful to watch?

These two questions were the keys to defining how to build our new Wild Tea Qi website and give us a new way to share the beautiful art of these beautiful teas and teaware. We believe here are the simple answers to these two key questions:

What’s the biggest difference between our teas than others?

As tea purveyors and tea lovers who love sharing our treasures of tea and teaware with the world, we needed to people to understand not just with words, but with visual imagery of what we see. We also wanted people to understand we are not just some tea company selling teas. We have a deep mission which goes far beyond the business of tea. It is to help support teas grown in a biodiverse environment and support the true tea artisans.

We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in the tea business and we knew from those experiences we wanted to take a stand for our love of tea, yet our love of nature. We felt our website should display this and we did it through the beautiful photos of biodiverse grown teas. We published several books on tea and the industry to share our experiences and insider knowledge. We also built the International Tea Academy to teach all that we know in a standardized setting with an internationally respectable curriculum.

We felt the website should express these defining principles of Wild Tea Qi.

As we scoured the internet checking out other tea companies websites, we couldn’t help but notice a major trend of tea companies claiming they buy tea directly from the farmers. It seems almost standard now to have this in the premium tea industry. What didn’t we see was what kind of farmers were these? Were they growing tea in a biodiverse environment? Were they acting as stewards of the land or just going for maximum profit and yield? We found many farmers who even had ancient tea tree tea but were killing the trees by over picking them as they were trying to make a fast buck without an eye on the long run. We made it a policy not to support these farmers. Another we learned early on in our quest for the finest artisanal teas is that it isn’t difficult to find farmers to buy tea from, but it was difficult to find farmers who grew tea in a biodiverse environment. This became one of our core missions in tea sourcing. We saw many people coming to China to source tea directly from the farmers, but without any real background in tea so they did not know how to discern truly good teas from bad. Shana grew up in a tea family and runs the International Tea Academy where she teaches the in-depth knowledge of how to identify properly picked and processing tea. She has an incredible eye for a tea artisan who knows how to not only pick tea in the most optimal way, but also their processing techniques and more. She is able to keep our quality high which is why we have Wild Tea Qi fans for years and why we have maintained a tea company that has lasted almost 10 years while most failed in a few years.

Lots of tea sellers are telling different stories, some of them look like have lots of tea knowledge to share, we are not the only tea people who are sharing tea knowledge, there are many others. But why people should choose us to learn more tea knowledge?

No matter what kind of knowledge you would like to learn, there are always have some different levels we can tell:

*The basic knowledge for getting the general ideas;

*The knowledge can learn and for showing as you look very knowledgeable, this level is a little bit higher than basic one, and lots of people are only focused on this level, because of its good enough to treat most people and makes yourself looks like a master;

*But we don’t focus on those two types of knowledge as above. The tea knowledge we focus on to share has an important principle: We have the responsibility to educate people to understand tea is not just a simple beverage, tea is the magic leaf presenting nature, human health, spirit, faith, and living. Our mission is to share every single corner of tea as a true tea person you should know about.

Tea and Chinese Medicine: A Specialized Knowledge

Shana Zhang, the co-owner of Wild Tea Qi and tea artisan has a deep knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We combined that knowledge to be able to bring a holistic healing system with tea. This system intertwines the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine and tea drinking opening up profound new ways to understand how to use tea for optimum health and happiness. We designed a way for Wild Tea Qi fans to choose their tea based on the 5 Elements. As the 5 Elements teaches us how the organs are related to the emotions and that we can bring healing to those organs which will in turn help balance the emotions. Tea is one medium for this effort.  For more information on the 5 Elements and its connections with tea please see our book, The Wild Truth of Tea and 5 Element Tea.

We also gave away for Wild Tea Qi lovers to choose their tea based on the 4 seasons. We could not find anywhere else, anyone was offering this search methodology, maybe because it is such a specialized knowledge that only a few have, especially ones that run tea companies.

One of our goals with this new website is to help you choose the right tea for you at the right time so you have health and happiness in a cup.

We hope these pages share our love and passion for true artisanal, biodiverse teas and teaware infect you with the same appreciation and love.

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