Is Wild Rock Oolong Tea Worth its Weight in Gold?

October 08, 2020

Is Wild Rock Oolong Tea Worth its Weight in Gold?

We have mentioned the Five Elements in our 5 Element Tea Book and Elaborating further on the Five Element theory, each element is related to an internal organ, time of day, season, temperature, sound, taste, direction and sense. For example, Wild Rock Oolong tea is related to the Fire element. When the emotion of sadness grows too strong, we need to drink some Fire element teas (black tea or roasted oolong tea) to weaken metal element for keeping our body in healthy balance. Fire teas can bring us the energy of happiness, which is the best emotion for controlling sadness.

The reason oolong requires separate treatment is that it doesn’t have the same processing method as other teas, and it uses different varieties of tea leaves. On top of that, oolong tea is processed differently in different locations. The production process is what merits classifying oolong differently than other teas.

The Chinese believe that all foods, including tea, have a type of temperature. Foods could be “heaty”, i.e. they will raise the body’s internal temperature and would be appropriate for cold seasons, or they were “cooling” and recommended for the hot months of the year. So the major concept the Chinese believe only keep "cooling" and "heaty" balance in our body, so that we can reach the Yin Yang Balance, only Yin Yang in the balance, can we reach the healthy and longevity.

So based on the theory of Yin and Yang, combined with our understanding of the processing methods of different types of oolong teas, we can clearly see that the Wild Rock Oolong is belong to Yang and correspond with Fire Element.

Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the lungs and large intestine, belong to the Metal elements. The energy of these two organs moves just like Metal. For example, Metal is clean and naturally removes impurities from the soil. The lungs and large intestine work in a similar way by taking clean air into the body, eliminating the waste from the body, and purifying the body. The Metal element relates to autumn. Autumn is cool, the wind blows hard, and the atmosphere is clear. The weather is “Fall” and Dryness which makes it the season that can weaken our lungs and large intestine.

Metal is also related to the important emotion of sadness. When Metal energy is imbalanced, our lungs and large intestine will be threatened by illness, and the emotion of sadness will also spread.

In Five Elements Theory, becuase of Fire element controls Metal element, and because the Metal element relates to the autumn season, when autumn is coming, we should take Fire element teas like Wild Rock Oolong to keep our Metal element organs in balance.

When the emotion of sadness grows too strong, we need to drink some Fire element tea like Wild Rock Oolong Tea to weaken metal. Fire teas can bring us the energy of happiness, which is the best emotion for controlling sadness. This allows our Metal element organs to function properly.

A real wild oolong tea from Wuyi mountain without chemicals is extremely rare. Oolongs are considered as among the most complicated teas to study in China. As of now, there are over 300 varieties of oolongs in China, not even counting the fake oolongs out there, which are many. Therefore, it is difficult to judge an Oolong so easily. Also, the way you brew an Oolong greatly affects the flavor.
Many people also have the misconception that there is a standard way to brew all Oolongs, or any teas for that matter. The truth is, each tea has its own unique way of being brewed, so brewing a new tea is like getting to know a new friend. You have to find the best way to coax the maximum flavor out of it without going over that fine balance point. I like to think of it like hitting the sweet spot.

The flavor and aroma of the Wild Rock Oolong from wild tea tree is unlike other normal tea bushes. Two to three times of brews is pretty standard. The first time of brew is a surprise, and it should be a great one at that. You need to savor and drink this kind of Oolong very, very slowly.
This is how they were drinking these kinds of Oolongs since ancient times. It is not one that is meant to be gulped down while reading a book or working at the computer. A fine wild oolong should be savored with every sip. You should pay attention to all the fine details, because they are there.

It is this first cup and the subsequent second and third cups that you bought this oolong. Pay attention to the energy of it. This is called Ting Jing in Chinese, which means “listening to the energy.” You drink the tea and then listen to the signals your body sends. The energy of a Wild Rock Oolong is pretty special and is not to be missed.
As a final thought on this Oolong, at our office in China, we were able to brew this Oolong 5+ times with 150ml boiled water. This goes to show a small adjustment in brewing technique can make all the difference.

So, be informed about where your tea is being sourced from, and buy teas from a wild biodiversity forest or purchase sustainably harvested teas. You may ask what is a wild forest tea garden? What is sustainably harvested tea? Please read more What is Biodiversity Tea (BiodiversiTea)?

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