2020 - The Year of Lungs (Metal)

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2020 - The Year of Lungs (Metal)

Hopefully, in a few months or years, this article will only become a tiny piece of dust in the human epidemic of record. I also hope that everyone who sees this article is all right.
Today is the fourth month since the official outbreak of COVID-19 in China. Cases across China have gradually cleared, but the coronavirus is constantly erupting around the world. No one knows where it came from and where it will continue to extend. Human beings are carrying various speculations, anxiety, anger, blame, and nervousness. We are facing an invisible enemy. As the coronavirus continues to spread and the economy continues to decline, most of us might start to worry it could be stolen our freedom and life, and by so far, what have we learned from it, and what should we do now?

About us now, human beings living in the present moment, sometimes I feel sorry for ourselves. In addition to worrying about our health, our work, our finances, our family, we also need to worry about global warming, freshwater pollution, air pollution, food pollution, emotional crisis, social riots, terrorist attacks, nuclear leak pollution ... and now, the coronavirus... People of every age always seem to have endless problems of one kind or another, and these problems in nature are nonexistent, they only exist because of human society.

Due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus(COVID-19), most of us are required to stay indoors as much as possible and not go out. This is also the most primitive and effective way to reduce the virus's mutual transmission. Although lots of media have now lost wisdom, the only way they can promote is how the Chinese are controlled and brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party, et cetera. It seems to me that the method of control and brainwashing, which has been used by rulers for thousands of years, but it does not stop the Chinese from thinking, and there is a very old and well-known saying in China: Water can carry a boat and it can overturn a boat (水能载舟,亦能覆舟). It means that the ruler is always only a boat traveling on the water, and the water is the Chinese people. The people are endless and seemingly calm, but they can also turn over the clouds and rain. The ship is running smoothly is because of the water let it be. If the ship blocks the way of water, it will not be water but the ship that will perish in the end. In China, anyone who has graduated from literacy in elementary school has heard of this ancient training. It is conceivable that many media still know very little about China and Chinese.

And in this coronavirus(COVID-19), I see that it's not the government fighting the virus for people, but the tons of Chinese people work together to fight with coronavirus. We stayed incredibly calm and endless hardworking.
At this moment, the only thing I learned and would like to share with you:
When the hard thing comes, don't blame, but work together;
When the hard thing comes, use your wisdom, not guns;
When you feel you been controlled, but you need to be clear that no one can block your mind;

So far, there is no evidence of where the coronavirus came from. On the topic of it was because of Chinese people eat wild animals, you can participate in discussions in other communities. I just want to say one thing: the history of human civilization development is hunting wild animals History of development.
The purpose of the people who raised this topic is very clear, for making Chinese people look ugly and be hated. In addition, I can tell you clearly that 99% of Chinese people do n’t have money can afford to eat wild animals. The people who can afford to eat wild animals should be brought to justice.

Speak so much, now let's get back the topic about lungs and metal.

I have always been committed to guiding everyone to drink tea properly. Only by choosing the right tea leaves and brewing tea with correct methods, can tea leaves really play a role in keeping our bodies healthy. In the Five Element Tea Book, I have explained in detail how we should properly choose tea and make tea according to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine so that our bodies can stay healthy throughout the year.

Recently, in-depth learning on the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine, I found some even more interesting content. It has been recorded:

"The mechanism of Emotion and Qi is practical and profound. It is sensible when coming and traceable when receding. Abidance by it ensures prosperity while violation of it causes death. To violate it and to go one's own way will inevitably lead to disaster.

Cold, Summer-Heat, Dryness, Dampness, Wind and Fire represent Yin and Yang of the heavens, which are followed by three Yin and three Yang; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water stand for Yin and Yang of the earth, which is followed by germination, growth, transformation, ripening, and storage. In the heavens, Yang manages germination and Yin governs growth; O the earth, Yang manages killing and Yin controls storages. There are Yin and Yang in both the heavens and the earth. So there is Yin within Yang and Yang within Yin. The changes of Yin and Yang in the heavens and earth are like this: The Qi corresponding to the heavens is in constant motion and moves one step toward the right in five years; The Qi corresponding to the earth is relatively static and accomplishes one cycle of movement in six years. The mutual affection between motion and quietness, the interaction between the Upper the heavens and the Lower the earth as well as the communication between Yin and Yang give rise to change.

Five Element Tea

The Qi corresponding to the heavens follows the system of six and the Qi corresponding to the earth follows the system of five. The Qi corresponding to the heavens accomplishes one cycle of movement in six years; The Qi corresponding to the earth accomplishes one cycle of movement in five years...The combination of six Qi and five motions generates seven hundred and twenty kinds of Qi known as one Ji(纪) that is composed of thirty years. One thousand four hundred and forty kinds of Qi make up sixty years known as one Zhou (cycle). In this way, the states of excess and insufficiency are all manifested."

By following those recordings in Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine, what are those all meanings about?

After calculation, by following the rules above, from 2020-2021 we're turning into the year of the Metal element. And by following the Yin Yang rules of Heaven and Earth, This year of Metal relates to the Dampness

If you pay a little attention, you will find that among the five elements, the metal element is directly related to our organ -  the lungs. Which the organ, the coronavirus (COVID-19) attack directly. and we have confirmed that this coronavirus can stay good alive in the dampness environment.

People are hoping when summer comes, hopefully, this virus won't able to survive in the hot heat condition. Let's see.

So what does it mean to have a Metal year?  Metal is traditionally associated with:

"Based on traditional Chinese medical theory, two of our major organs, the lungs, and large intestine belong to the Metal elements. The energy of these two organs moves just like Metal. For example, Metal is clean and naturally removes impurities from the soil. The lungs and large intestine work in a similar way by taking clean air into the body, eliminating the waste from the body, and purifying the body.

The Metal element relates to autumn. Autumn is cool, the wind blows hard, and the atmosphere is clear. The weather is “Fall” and Dryness which makes it the season that can weaken our lungs and large intestine. To keep our Qi (氣chi/energy) in balance in autumn, we need to receive specific energy to nourish and strengthen both the lungs and large intestine. If we don’t take good care of our lungs and large intestine in autumn, our Qi will be out of balance. When winter arrives, an insufficient store of energy in the lungs and large intestine will cause diseases in those organs.

Metal is also related to the important emotion of sadness. When Metal energy is imbalanced, our lungs and large intestine will be threatened by illness, and the emotion of sadness will also spread.

When the Metal element in our body weakens, we need the support of the Earth element to make it stronger. When Metal organs are balanced, they can also regulate the proper function of Wood element organs. Also, Fire energy controls the balanced flow of energy in Metal organs. But if Metal organs are out of balance, such as having excess energy, it can also weaken the Fire element organs, which could cause diseases of the Fire element organs, Metal element organs, and Wood element organs.

Because the Metal element relates to the autumn season, when autumn is coming, we should take both Earth element teas (yellow tea or fermented puer tea) and Fire element teas (black tea or roasted oolong tea) to keep our Metal element organs in balance.

When the emotion of sadness grows too strong, we need to drink some Fire element tea (black tea or roasted oolong tea) to weaken the metal. Fire teas can bring us the energy of happiness, which is the best emotion for controlling sadness. At the same time, we add some Earth element teas (yellow tea or fermented puer tea) to keep the energy of Metal element organs in balance, and prevent Fire from controlling Metal element organs too much. This allows our Metal organs to function properly, and to exert proper control over Wood element organs, too.

Let’s summarize how to choose the right tea for the Metal element organs, the lungs, and large intestine, to be in healthy balance:

 As we mentioned above, the lungs and large intestine belong to the Metal element. The energy of these two organs moves just like Metal. For example, Metal is clean and naturally removes impurities from the soil. The lungs and large intestine work in a similar way by taking clean air into the body, eliminating waste, and purifying the body. To work with Metal energy, we need to treat water as long flowing water when brewing teas. Because long flowing water in ancient Chinese medical science is for opening the whole body, flushing out waste, and cleansing the blood, this kind of water perfectly matches the energy of the Metal element organs.

As we discussed already, the Earth element supports the Metal element, so Earth element teas are always important for giving energy to Metal element organs. Fermented puer tea is the typical Earth element tea. Its method of processing makes it the type of tea with the most contact with Mother Earth, so it has a stronger Earth energy than any other type of tea.

In autumn, the weather is “Fall” and dryness, which is the season that can weaken our lungs and large intestine. Drinking some Earth element teas to keep the lungs and large intestine strong is very important.

When these two organs are out of balance, it could be related to the emotion of sadness when you have a cough, constipation, sadness, and other such problems. Happiness is always a great emotion for controlling sadness – the more happiness we have, the less sadness. To help increase the emotion of happiness, take some fire element teas, like ancient tea tree artisanal Yunnan black tea, which is a good tea to keep you warm and happy.

You can check out my online course called Ancient Chinese Science & Art of Brewing Tea, which shares with you how to correctly brew those teas in the right method for our organs based on the Five Elements theory."

This year of 2020 will be a great year to focus on breath, lungs, large intestine. I hope this article can help you stay calm no matter how much chaos we could face, stay in healthy, to practicing the Five Element of Tea, it will not only lead you toward a simple and healthy way of drinking tea, but you will also discover your own nature and open your mind. Furthermore, the Five Elements of tea is a way of thinking and a way of living that will help our life one another from suffering while promoting healing, transformation, and the realization of our ultimate potential.

Stay Strong, Stay Calm, Stay Healthy!

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Tiffany Millerbis

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Very intelligent post, awareness focused that allows self awareness and choices.

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